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My research interests are in geometry, especially Riemannian geometry, dynamical systems, and variational problems. At present my work concerns finite- and infinite-dimensional integrable Hamiltonian systems arising from geometric problems.

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My current teaching interests are number theory and cryptology, the mathematics of secure communications. I teach a course in number theory, MATH 303, in the fall semester, and a course in mathematical cryptology, MATH 408, in the spring semester. Please contact me for further information.

Link to Science Cafe Cryptography presentation June 9, 2008 (slides and WCPN podcast)

Lectures on Elastic Curves and Rods Lecture on Foci

Some Research Papers Support OhioLINK

Geometry: Plane and Fancy is a tour of aspects of geometry that students are unlikely to have seen in a high school geometry course.

I am interested in educational issues in mathematics, particularly concerning the reform movement in K-12 mathematics education and at the college level, and the use of new technologies. I would like to see greater interaction between research mathematicians at places such as CWRU and teachers of mathematics. I have worked with the Cleveland Collaborative for Mathematics Education to help students and teachers in the Cleveland Schools.

The Mathematical Association of America maintains a student web-site for mathematics majors and other interested students.

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David Singer
Professor of Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Statistics
College of Arts and Sciences
Case Western Reserve University
Cleveland, Ohio 44106-7058
E-mail: david.singer@case.edu

Phone: (216)368-2892

Fax: (216)368-5163

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