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Patrizia Bonaventura

Assistant Professor
of Communication Sciences
and Cognitive Science

CWRU Cognitive Phonetics Lab

Laboratory for Applied Research in Cognitive Semiotics

Curriculum Vitae



Patrizia Bonaventura, Ph.D., a speech scientist and phonetician, is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication Sciences, with a secondary appointment in Cognitive Sciences. She teaches courses in phonetics and phonology, speech science, articulatory and phonological disorders, linguistics, instrumental measurements and research methods. Dr. Bonaventura has previously worked on phonetic modeling for speech synthesis and recognition; her current research focuses on speech disorders that affect coordination of articulatory organs, on biomechanics of tongue movements in deglutition and on affective, cognitive and linguistic factors that impact on the production of prosody. She directs the CWRU Cognitive Phonetics Lab (CPL) and the Laboratory for Applied Research in Cognitive Semiotics (LARCS)

Dr. Bonaventura earned her Ph.D. from the The Ohio State University, Columbus, and comes to Case from the University of British Columbia, Vancouver.