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AT&T Portal

AT&T Portal

Who can use the AT&T portal?

If you are an authorized department representative, you may purchase AT&T wireless equipment and services at a discount through the AT&T Portal. All charges will appear on your monthly CWRU telephone statement.


Help with using the AT&T portal


  1. For the STEP ONE question "Do you want to create a new billing account", note that each phone is on a separate billing account. Thus:
    1. If you are requesting new AT&T cellular service or transferring service from another carrier, check Yes
    2. If you are making changes to an existing AT&T cellular service such as changing service plan, or purchasing a new phone for that telephone number, check No
  2. When you click "Submit for Approval" your completed request will be queued for approval. You may check the status of your request using your Order ID.
  3. All equipment is shipped to the Telephone Service Office. You may pick it up at 11424 Bellflower Rd



Click here to go to the AT&T portal