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We strive to ensure that all undergraduates have common expectations for scholarship and standards of behavior and have equivalent academic and extracurricular opportunities.

The University Undergraduate Faculty (UUF) fosters a single community for CWRU undergraduates through cooperation and interaction among the faculties of various schools and departments with undergraduate programs. As UUF faculty, we will strive to ensure that all undergraduates have common expectations for scholarship and standards of behavior. While allowing for flexibility, we will ensure that equivalent academic and extracurricular opportunities are provided for all undergraduates.

We will initiate and review proposed policies that affect the undergraduate community by participating in UUF General Faculty Assemblies and serving on UUF committees. We will seek out the views of students and staff on such policies where appropriate, through reports from representatives to UUF committees, and through dialogue in open forums. In accordance with the University Constitution, we will recommend to the Faculty Senate "standards of admission for students, academic requirements for students, curricula and content of existing degree programs, standards and facilities for research and scholarship, new degrees, and the discontinuance of existing degrees."

Above all, we will work together to build a common community for undergraduates and the faculty and staff who teach and advise them and to ensure a high quality of life and learning for undergraduate students at Case Western Reserve University.