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Staff Advisory Council

Serving as an advisory group of both administration and staff to suggest, comment, and provide feedback on policies and issues that affect the University and the people it serves.

SAC 2009-10 Committee
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2015 Back-to-School Supplies Drive

The Staff Advisory Council’s Community Service Committee is sponsoring its fifth annual Back to School Supply Drive. The committee will collect back-to-school supplies for three Cleveland Public Schools, Daniel E. Morgan, Mary Bethune, and Michael R. White from now until Case for Community Day. Please see the Community Service committee page for a complete list of requested items and drop-off locations on campus.

SAC Elections 2015 Results

Results of the 2015 Staff Advisory Council elections are in. The two-year terms for newly elected representatives begin in September 2015. The following university staff members have either been elected or reelected:

University Administration


  • Timothy Eppich
  • Richard Kramer
  • Jing Li
  • James Nauer
  • Karyn Newton
  • Jim Prince
  • Natalie Staats Reiss
  • Ayla Siemon
  • Michael Yeager


  • Sharon Burke
  • Ryanne Gallagher
  • Pat Greene
  • Theresa Grigger
  • AmariYah Israel
  • Beth Jones
  • Paul Keeley
  • Martha Payne

Academic Administration


  • John Killings
  • Jeremy Naab
  • JC Scharf-Deering


  • Matt Smith

School of Dental Medicine


  • Brian Sherman


  • Melody Long

Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing


  • Dedra Hanna-Adams


  • Pamela Collins

Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences


  • Churyl Croone


  • Maria Sharron

Basket Raffle 2014 Results and Winners

The 2014 Basket raffle was our most successful yet, raising $6,000 for our two charities, Seeds of Literacy and the American Heart Association.

The complete list of winners is available here as a PowerPoint file (9.5 MB download).

Steps 4 Staff

This year's Steps 4 Staff event raised $550 for the Staff Educational Enhancement Fund (SEEF). The walk was held on Friday, October 3.

SAC Remembers Robin Kramer


Administrative Professionals Network

Administrative staff: the SAC Training and Development Committee wants YOU! See this flyer about our new professional networking group.

SAC Suggestion Box

The University Administration and SAC want to hear your good ideas on how to improve our work environment, to increase our energy, efficiency, and/or to save money.

Your suggestions will go to both John Wheeler, Senior Vice President for Administration, and the SAC Chair. These suggestions will not be posted to the website.

Send your suggestions to the SAC Suggestion Box at http://www.case.edu/sac/onlineforms.html

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