BSR Committee Members

Professor Christopher Cullis, chair of the Department of Biology, will lead the committee. Other members are:

  • Julia Grant, Professor and Associate Dean, Weatherhead School of Management, and Chair, Faculty Senate Budget Committee
  • Alan Levine, Professor, School of Medicine, and Chair-Elect, Faculty Senate
  • Sandra Russ, Professor, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Elizabeth Madigan, Professor, School of Nursing
  • David Biegel, Professor, Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences
  • Gerald Saidel, Professor, Case School of Engineering
  • Dominique Durand, Professor, Case School of Engineering
  • Alison Hall, Professor, School of Medicine
  • Kristen Victoroff, Associate Professor, School of Dental Medicine
  • Wilbur Leatherberry, Professor, School of Law

    Ex Officio:

  • Christine Ash, VP for Planning and Institutional Research
  • Donald Stewart, VP for Financial Planning