Employee Recognition - Staff Service Awards

Thank you for twenty-five years of service in 2001!

    Prior to coming to Case, Carole Bennett received a B.S. in biology from the University of Akron and worked in a lab performing drug tests on animals. In 1976, she joined Case as a Research Assistant I in the genetics laboratory in the Department of Pediatrics at MetroHealth Medical Center, where she focused on enzyme assays for Tay Sachs and other storage diseases. It soon became apparent that her laboratory skills and record keeping were outstanding, and she was promoted to Research Assistant II. In 1996, while her supervisor was recovering from a serious auto accident, she almost single-handedly took on the responsibility for the relocation of the laboratory. In July 2000, Bennett was promoted to Research Assistant III. Her responsibilities include gas chromatography, lysosomal enzyme testing, metabolic screens, record keeping, ordering supplies, and assisting in maintaining the laboratory as required by the College of American Pathologists. An outstanding employee, her pleasant and caring personality is demonstrated to all, including technicians, patients, and supervisors. Away from the laboratory, her needlepoint and quilting have gained her many honors, including several first-place awards.

    As a member of the support staff in the undergraduate academic affairs office, Raechelle Grier has devoted more than 25 years to serving students, faculty, deans and staff. Initially, Grier worked with Dean Sylvia Rosenberg, who was the adviser for transfer and non-traditional students in Western Reserve College. In recent years in the Office of Undergraduate Studies, Grier has been a mainstay for graduating seniors -- keeping track of and checking their requirements, gently nudging them when something is missing, preparing the commencement program, proofreading diplomas, and calculating degree honors. Her knowledge of the computerized degree audit program has made her an important member of the team. Highly regarded and well-liked by everyone with whom she comes in contact, her helpfulness, sense of humor, and infectious laugh lift people's spirits. In May 2000, after many years of pursuing undergraduate courses at Case, Grier earned the Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in political science. At her graduation she received the Sylvia Rosenberg Prize, a prize that was established to recognize an outstanding non-traditional student. In fall 2001, while continuing to work in the Office of Undergraduate Studies, Grier will embark on a new phase of her education when she enters the University of Akron School of Law.

    Elaine Iannicelli began working at Case in 1975 as a secretary in Weatherhead School of Management's Department of Operations Research (now the Department of Operations). After working in a number of staff capacities, she was promoted to Department Administrator in 1982, a position she holds today. Her many skills and devotion have benefited generations of students, staff, and faculty. She is the heart and soul of the department and its most important link with alumni. Last year she received the Marjorie S. Feldman Lifetime Service Award from the Weatherhead School of Management. Iannicelli and all her colleagues take great pride in what she does and what she has accomplished at Case.

    June Ilhan has been associated with the Department of Materials Science and Engineering since she first joined Case with Professor John F. Wallace. In 1991, she transferred to Professor Jack Koenig's group in the Department of Macromolecular Science. "The University has always been a great place to work and maintain friendships around the world," she says.

    Ronald Jezeski received his B.A. in engineering from Cleveland State University in 1978. He began his Case employment in April 1976 as a research technician for the Department of Anesthesiology. During his 22-year stay in anesthesiology, he was involved with computerized patient monitoring and automated anesthesia patient record keeping. Then, in 1981, he started work with Paul Dauchot, looking at the various cardiovascular effects of different anesthetic agents and drugs on animals. In 1998 Jezeski transferred to the Micro Fabrication Lab in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. He currently runs the silicon carbide reactor and is involved with various aspects of MEMS (microelectricalmechanical systems) research. Away from campus, he enjoys skiing, hiking, traveling, and working in his garden.

    Kenneth Jones started his career here at Case in the Department of Plant Services with responsibility for the University Movers. Later on, he moved into the position of painter and also learned the trade of plasterer from one of the most accomplished people in the trade. Since then, Jones has used all his skills to maintain the buildings on campus to the high standards he sets for himself. Jones also assists the painting contractors to ensure that the University's standards are upheld. In his spare time, Jones is an avid sports card collector and a passionate football and baseball fan. During his 25 years at Case, he has continued to be a loyal and dedicated employee who has been a pleasure to work with and to know.

    James Livengood began his career at Case in the Department of Plant Services in June 1976. Under the direction of Frank Boehline, Livengood continued to develop his skills in the roofing and sheet metal fabricating trade. Livengood has become a valuable asset to the Department of Plant Services in reviewing prints, following contractors, and fabricating many parts for our air handling systems. He is a very courteous and dedicated employee who has contributed much to the University's physical plant.

    Madelyn Miller came to Case at the ripe old age of four! Her mother, Ruth Miller, was a respected professor of sociology here at Case, and Madelyn spent many days in her mom's office. Thus, she knew at an early age that this is where she wanted to be. Miller's professional career began in the development office in 1975, and in 1985 she was promoted to director of development. Miller's department supports the database system and administrative procedures related to controlling and organizing the gift, grant, and pledge processing systems for the entire campus. Currently Miller is project director for the alumni and development computer system conversion project. In the wake of the Adelbert Hall fire in 1991, Miller led her staff to reconstruct and recreate many damaged historical files in conjunction with the University Archive and was interviewed by Forbes Magazine on how to re-establish important areas in other universities after such devastation. In addition, she has made a film and lectured all over the country to aid other institutions in either avoiding losses or in re-grouping if such losses occur. Miller's dedication, loyalty, and efficiency have helped create a successful and dynamic development office.

    Nancy Nickles joined Case in June 1976, working as a secretary in the annual fund office. She has continued to move up the ladder within the development department, holding positions in the Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations and in the central development office as well. In 1988, the Office of Alumni Relations (now the Office of University Alumni Affairs) was created, and Nickles became one of its first employees. For 12 years, she managed the Office of University Alumni Affairs and the Alumni Travel Program. In May 2000, Nickles was promoted to associate director of regional alumni programs within the office. Throughout her years at CWRU, Nickles has pursued her education. In 1998, she earned her B.A. in English, and she is currently working on her master of nonprofit organizations degree. All of the staff of the Office of University Alumni Affairs congratulates Nickles on her 25th employment anniversary.

    In 1976, Linda Randa started her career at Case in the University Bookstore. She served as the office supplies buyer and was responsible for cap and gown ordering and distribution for the management centers. Since 1979, Randa has worked in the purchasing department, providing support services to the campus community in a number of different responsibilities. She began her purchasing career as a scientific supplies and equipment buyer. During this time, she played an integral part in developing the Research Gas Cylinder and Demurrage Program. This successful tracking system is still used today for all research labs. Randa's knowledge and dedication to the profession resulted in her being promoted to assistant purchasing manager, and then purchasing manager. With her extensive knowledge in research products and equipment, she currently serves the campus research community as stores coordinator. In this role, she oversees the research storerooms, serves as liaison with many scientific vendors, administers the preferred lab supply vendor program and primary research gas program, and represents the Department of Materials Support in many specialty projects. Her contributions are truly appreciated by many.

    Initially upon joining Case, Gloria Rush served as administrative secretary to the associate dean for geriatrics in the Department of Community Health, a position she held for 23 years. In 1998, she transferred to the Department of Molecular Cardiovascular Research as department assistant. She was promoted in 1999 to assistant to the dean of nursing at the Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing. Currently she is the assistant to the associate vice president of technology licensing in the University's Office of Technology Licensing. Rush takes great pride in her work, and her dedication and years of service are deeply appreciated.