Employee Recognition - Staff Service Awards

Thank you for ten years of service in 1999!

    An ever-growing number of staff members are completing a decade of service at CWRU. This year's honorees number 119. Many of them are pictured above, following the annual Staff Awards Luncheon held June 10. Here is a list of honorees and their departments: Caroline Abounader (medicine/biomedical information technology), Maimu Alber (WSOM dean's office), Barbara Andelman (law admissions), Kathy Baglione (dentistry admissions), Kathleen Ballou (civil engineering), Marie Barnett (campus services), Carolyn Barr (development programs), Andrea Beebe (pediatrics), Mark Beno (molecular and microbiology), Laila Boesinger (anatomy), Marcia Bram (epidemiology and biostatistics), Dennis Butler (campus services), Bernice Campbell (controller), Pamela Chamar (WSOM professional degree programs), Tsui Chan (MSASS), Jacklyn Chisholm (community service), William Claspy (astronomy library), Karmar Clifton (material support/purchasing), Denise Coleman (MSASS), Penny Cooke (materials science), Bonnie Copes (organizational behavior), Kathleen Corcoran (Animal Resource Center), Alice Czyzycki (internal audit), David Dalsky (dentistry admissions), Charles Deitz (medicine), Karen Dethloff (construction administration), D.J. Dohanyos (image services), Andrew Dorchak (law library), Celeste Dukes (campus services), David Ellis (materials science), Theresa Emerson (CWRUnet services), Jean Fell (law development), Paul Ferguson (music), Harriet Friedman (pediatrics), Glenda Gamble (mechanical engineering), Dan Georges (infectious diseases), Lourdes Leon Gruca (pediatrics), Marilyn Hambrick-Banks (campus services), Richard Harley (campus services), Sue Harris (publications), Bobby Hendrix (nursing), Kathleen Hilliard (pediatrics), Beth Hlabse (law alumni relations), Daniel Holderbaum (medicine/rheumatology), Karin Hollis (pharmacology), Clifton Horhn (law library), Mary Pelzer Hudson (law library), June Hund (MSASS library), Robert Jefferis (administrative information services), D. Jean Jennings (Cleveland Health Sciences Library), Bin Jiang (medicine), Gwen Fergus-Johnson (development services), Linda Johnson (development prospect research), Mary Johnson (campus services), Clarence Jones (campus services), Leola Jones (pulmonary/critical care), Sherry Jones (MSASS dean's office), Linda Karaffa (WSOM computer center), Bettina Katz (University Counseling Services), Karen Kaye (student services), Ken Kesegich (periodicals), Shenaz Khan (medicine), Stuart Kollar (publications), Robert Latsch (occupational and environmental safety), John Lawyer (purchasing), Alisa Lewis (chemistry), Shifan Liu (geographic medicine), Ana Locci (biology), Ivan Locci (biology), Andrea Longstreet (material support/purchasing), Diane Marmash (library administration), Alma Martin (MSASS dean's office), Philip Martinak (pulmonary/critical care), Pamela McGregor (controller's office), Shirley Mele (occupational and environmental safety), Janet Messner (dentistry), Rico Mixon (material support), Sylvia Monroe (mechanical and aerospace engineering), Vicki Moore-Holzhauer (University Health Services), Virginia Morton (development prospect research), Frank Mularo (pediatrics), Diane Naser (cancer research center), David Nethery (medicine), Evelyn Neufeld (development/medicine), Kalpana Patel (medicine), Karen Payne (WSOM dean's office), Ann Penn (affirmative action), Marianna Pines (physics), Beth Pollack (dean's office), Stephen Rajki (institutional planning), Chet Ramey (CWRUnet services), Lakshmeswari Ravi (molecular and microbiology), Jann Reber (plant services), Nancy Rebert (human genetics), Richard Robinson (controller), Joanna Romaniuk (pediatrics), James Salerno (financial aid), Ann Salvator (pediatrics), Adrienne Schaeffer (Alzheimer center), Wesley Schaub (Greek life), Rebecca Schreiber (neurosciences), David Schwam (materials science), Elaine Socarras (biomedical engineering), Carolyn Solis (WSOM professional degree programs), Anne Soule (economics), Eileen Squires (development services), Lonnie Thomas (Animal Resource Center), Christopher Thornton (Kelvin Smith Library), Stephen Toombs (Kulas Music Library), Rui-Zhen Wang (neurosciences), Frederica Ward (English), Anne Watson (undergraduate admission), Lori Waugh (nursing), Mary Ann Weema (campus services), Bonnie Wehrschmidt (controller), Elisabeth Welter (neurology), Sheryl Williams (medical media), Calvin Wilson (plant services), Xeukun Xing (Electronics Design Center).