Overview of Plan C

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  • What is Plan C?

    It is an optional, supplemental retirement plan for Plan B participants which allows you to contribute to a tax-deferred retirement plan with the university matching a portion of your contribution and/or to an after-tax Roth with no university match.

  • How much does CWRU contribute to the tax-deferred option?

    The university will match 50 percent of your contribution up to the first 4 percent of your salary. For example, let's say your salary is $2,000 per month. If you invest $100 (or 5 percent) of your pay, the University will match 50 percent of $80 (4 percent of contributed salary), contributing $40. A total of $140 will go into your supplemental retirement account each month.

  • How will it grow?

    The interest and dividends you earn on your Plan C retirement contribution will grow tax-deferred until your retirement. Since all your earnings are reinvested without taxation, your savings will compound faster. You choose the mix of investments in your Plan C account, and the growth of your account will depend upon the type of funds you choose.

  • How do I begin?

    You will need both a carrier application and a Salary Reduction Agreement form. The forms are available in the Benefits office on the second floor of Crawford Hall.

  • What if I already have a supplemental retirement account?

    You must still enroll in the Plan C tax-deferred option to receive the university match.

  • How long do I have to work for the university before I am able to participate in Plan C

    As a benefits eligible employee, you may begin participation at any time during the calendar year.

  • When I terminate my employment with the university, what happens to the money I have in Plan C

    You may leave your funds in the account, roll them over to an individual retirement account (IRA), or cash out the account any time after termination (cash withdrawals may incur penalties).

  • Where can I invest?

    Each investment company offered by Plan C gives you the choice of investing in stock mutual funds, bond mutual funds, short-term reserve funds (money market accounts), and balanced mutual funds (made up of stocks, bonds, and short-term reserves). In addition, you have annuity funds available from TIAA-CREF. Each investment has a different level of risk and a different opportunity to earn money. Some investments are riskier than others. The more risk you are willing to take, the better the chance for higher returns on your investment.

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  • How much can I contribute to my Plan C account

    The Internal Revenue Service has strict guidelines regarding the amount you are allowed to contribute. These guidelines are called the Maximum Exclusion Allowance (MEA). Read the Frequently Answered Questions about MEA's.

  • Why should I use Plan C?

    In the world of investment opportunities, there are several reasons why you should open a Plan C account.

    1. You choose to contribute tax-deferred with an employer match or after-tax based on your individual needs..
    2. Contributions are convenient. Payroll reduction is automatic. You don't need to remember to write a check. You can start immediately.
    3. You're in control. Match your investment goals to a wide range of investment choices.
    4. University match on tax-deferred contributions only. Remember the university helps you to contribute to your retirement.