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Class of 2015

Join us in celebrating the academic accomplishments of the class of 2015. The annual commencement ceremonies are scheduled to take place on Sunday, May 17, 2015.

Case Western Reserve UniversityThe university-wide commencement convocation at Case Western Reserve is a time of celebration in the lives of students, faculty, guests and the entire university community, for it reflects the accomplishments of past years and sets a course for new ventures. Convocation is a formal academic ceremony featuring the presentation of honorary degrees and awards.

Undergraduates, graduates and professional-school students will have their degrees officially conferred at this ceremony.

Following the university-wide convocation, diplomas will be presented at separate ceremonies. Receptions are held to honor new graduates and precede or follow each diploma ceremony.

All students receiving bachelor's degrees, regardless of major, will be presented with their diplomas at the undergraduate studies diploma ceremony.

All graduating students must register online to attend commencement starting March 1, 2015 and before April 1, 2015. Students receiving a bachelor's and/or master's degree will register online for convocation attendance and convocation tickets. Professional or doctoral degree graduates will register online for convocation attendance, convocation tickets and cap and gown. You must have a valid Case Western Reserve University Network ID and password to register online. Click here to begin commencement registration.