Facilities for Guests + Graduates with Disabilities

Case Western Reserve University makes efforts to accommodate guests and graduates with disabilities to the extent that requests are readily achievable.

For Guests with Disabilities

  • Parking areas for disabled guests are designated at all ceremony locations. The Veale Convocation Center parking garage is immediately adjacent to the Veale Convocation Center, about 375 feet door-to-door.
  • The ground level of the Veale parking garage is half a floor lower than the sidewalk outside and is serviced by an elevator. There are no stairs at the entrances to the Veale Center or the Horsburgh Gymnasium.
  • For guests who may have difficulty walking, Case EMS will provide limited wheelchair transportation between the Veale parking garage and the Veale Convocation Center for the university convocation, undergraduate and graduate diploma ceremonies. Wheelchair transportation will be on a first-come, first-served basis, and is limited to within the Veale Convocation Center and parking garage. Guests attending ceremonies in other locations, or those needing more extensive assistance, must provide their own wheelchair, which may be rented through one of the many area medical supply companies. Seats for guests with wheelchairs and a companion will be reserved throughout the Veale Convocation Center. All seating, including spaces for wheelchairs, is on a first-come, first-served basis.

For Graduates with Disabilities

Please contact the commencement coordinator from your school or department in advance of commencement day to discuss arrangements.