Department of Chemistry

2012 Academic Awards

Presented Wednesday, 2 May, 2012

The Ignacio Ocasio Freshman Chemistry Achievement Award

    Highest Achievement in Freshman Chemistry

  • Calvin Chi

Iota Sigma Pi / Frank Hovorka Prize

    Woman Chemistry Major with the Highest Average after Three Semesters

  • Amanda Langhals

Olin Freeman Tower Prize

    Excellence in Physical Chemistry (BA)

  • Joe Salloum

Carl F. Prutton Prize

    Scholarship in Chemistry

  • Wayne Tse

W. R. Veazey Prize

    Excellence in Physical Chemistry (BS)

  • Angela Crise

Analytical Chemistry Award

    Outstanding Analytical Chemistry

  • Andrew Chomas

Hippolyte Gruener Award

    Student Merit in Chemistry

  • Anna Owensby

Merck Index Award

    Outstanding Chemistry Student

  • Neal Sachar

Hypercube Scholar Award

    Outstanding Senior pursuing graduate work

  • Andrew Gansmiller

Inorganic Chemistry Award

    Excellence in Inorganic Chemistry

  • Alyssa Harker

Dumitru and Gheorghe D. Mateescu Student Citizenship Award

    Undergraduate Student Recipient

  • Andrew Chomas

Dumitru and Gheorghe D. Mateescu Student Citizenship Award

    Graduate Student Recipient

  • Brittney Bunn

Graduate Teaching Award

  • Jonathan Flikkema
  • Shu Situ

Graduate Dean's Instructional Excellence Award

  • Chi-Hung Chuang
  • Feng Li Laughlin

Outstanding Presentation

  • Vasily Ignatenko

ACS 2012 Cleveland Meeting-in-Miniature – Oberlin College. "Alteration of Carbocyclic Skeleton of Bryonolic Acid: Employing Diversity Oriented Synthesis Strategy"

Outstanding Chemistry Alumus

  • David Fries

David Fries received his B.S. in Chemistry at Florida Atlantic University in 1967. He completed his Ph.D. in the Department of Chemistry at Case Western Reserve University in 1970. David began his career at General Electric where he served 17 years in numerous executive roles in engineering, manufacturing, senior management, and finance. David Fries joined VantagePoint in 2001. He has been a senior-level venture capitalist for more than 20 years, bringing in a total of more than 37 years of operations, advanced technology, and investment experience. Current, David is a Managing Director at VantagePoint.