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Volunteer Opportunities

The university looks to our alumni volunteers to help shape the Case Western Reserve of tomorrow! Alumni volunteers play an invaluable role in everything from recruiting new students to planning alumni events around the world. Whether your interests lean toward advising students, admissions and recruitment, assisting with regional programming, or helping the community, there are many opportunities for you to get involved.

Case for Commmunity Day

Alumni Admission Ambassadors:

The Alumni Admission Ambassadors serve as an avenue to directly impact our alma mater by assisting in the recruitment and retention efforts of the university. These Ambassadors develop relationships with prospective students by sharing their CWRU experiences and elaborating on the university's impact on their lives. Events are held in several dozen cities around the country to generate higher applicant quality and volume. Volunteers enable CWRU to expand our reach and improve our ability to recruit top students. Ambassadors find the experience to be a valuable way to engage with the university and contribute to our future. To register for the program or more information, visit

Alumni Career Network:

The Alumni Career Network is a community of Case Western Reserve alumni from a wide variety of professions. Volunteers provide CWRU students and fellow alumni with career advice, industry trend information and relocation tips. After a student or an alum has expressed interested in connecting with someone with your expertise and/or area of interest, you will be put in touch with each other. They may be looking for industry advice, information about your company, or the story of your career path. The perspective of a fellow CWRU community member is always a welcome connection. Click here to register.

Local Chapter Involvement:

The university continues to grow its alumni chapters across the country and around the world. Alumni volunteers, whether serving as chapter leaders or assisting with specific tasks or events, are essential to our regional programming. We are seeking volunteers to participate at the chapter level in event planning, recruitment of additional local alumni, participation in programming and assuming leadership roles. For those in the Cleveland-area, the university holds dozens of events on and around campus which would warmly welcome the participation of more alumni. Some of these events include the Career Experience mixers with students, wine tastings on campus, orientation for new students, the Exchanging Horizons networking event, the Homecoming parade, SpringFest and dining with CWRU campus leaders and faculty.


Case Western Reserve University recently launched a new giving campaign entitled “cwRU in?” The idea is that a donation, of any size, makes you part of the “in” crowd. The “in” crowd is a group of thoughtful people who choose to give back to move their University forward. INbassadors are the voice of this group and are responsible for communicating with and educating alumni in their region about the importance of giving back with the hopes of encouraging them to make an annual gift to the school. This is accomplished by spreading the word whether that is in person, on the phone, through social media or by email. Interested in becoming the newest INbassador? Please contact Vanessa Mavec at (216) 368-3818 or

Other Opportunities in Support of Students:

The university offers a variety of opportunities for alumni to get involved with students. In addition to recruitment and career assistance, you can interact with students through a variety of campus offices including International Friendship Families, Greek Life, the Office of Student Community Service and the Office of Multicultural Affairs. In addition, there are many active programs run by individual schools and associations. Many of these are volunteer-driven and may include networking, mentoring and event planning.


  1. Network: Bond with fellow alumni for personal/business needs
  2. Pride: Celebrate exemplary alumni, student, faculty, and university achievements
  3. Support: Continue our legacy of service by volunteering, recruiting, and philanthropy
  4. Collaboration: Share expertise to help fellow alumni, students, and the university
  5. Leadership: Represent and serve alumni
  6. Creativity: Encourage innovation, commitment, advocacy for/with all alumni
  7. Commitment: Strengthen service and outreach to alumni around the world
  8. Partnership: Foster a lifelong relationship between alumni and the university
  9. Empowerment: Participate in strategic planning to build a powerful learning environment
  10. Value: Membership is FREE to all alumni and students

We hope you will join us as an alumni volunteer! To learn more about these volunteer opportunities and to express interest in learning more, please visit, contact The Alumni Association at (800) 866-6280 or email Case Western Reserve University is extremely proud to have you as a member of its community. Please join us in our efforts to elevate our university to new heights.