Beijing & Shanghai

September 20-28, 2014
Pricing: Starting at approximately $2,400
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To visit Beijing and Shanghai is to glimpse where the world is heading. This 8-day Orbridge independent immersion program is for intrepid travelers who want to get “behind the curtain” and encounter the energy of a country undergoing rapid change — and taking the global economy along with it. Seeing the cities’ great sights and landmarks will combine with plenty of opportunity to experience the everyday life and culture of China’s two great metropolises. Designed to allow guests to tune their activities to their interests, enjoy a balance of group sightseeing and leisure time to cater to the passions of the traveler — whether cuisine, culture and history, or the everyday life of Chinese people — with support and guidance provided by a local host.

Please contact the Alumni Travel office at 1-800-886-9895 or via email at for more details.