Student Health Insurance

Precise details of student health insurance can be found at
Below is a summary of available plans and options.

Student Medical& Dental Plans

The Student Medical Plan is offered as a supplement to the excellent care available to all Case students from University Health Service and University Counseling Services. The plan also extends eligibility to The Cleveland Institute of Music, The Cleveland Institute of Art, and Special Programs. Both medical and dental plans are available.

Additional Dental Coverage

Participants are eligible for the following services only when obtained from the Case Western Reserve University School of Dental Medicine.

  • Two oral exams and evaluations, including one dental and medical history, per Plan Year at 100% coverage
  • Two oral cleanings per Plan Year at 100% coverage
  • Periodic Bite Wing X-rays per Plan Year at 100% coverage
  • Emergency pain relief at the Dental Clinic (or Case Medical Center Emergency Room when the Dental Clinic is closed) at 100% coverage
  • 20% discount on all other dental services offered at the Case Western Reserve University School of Dental Medicine

Services are provided at the Case Western Reserve University School of Dental Medicine by both pre-doctoral and doctoral students.

Appointments are necessary and may be made by calling the Case Western Reserve University Dental Clinic at 216.368.3200.

Please Note: The Case Western Reserve University School of Dental Medicine closes periodically throughout the year. Oral cleanings are not provided when the clinic is closed. Emergency care is limited at this time but can be accessed by calling 216.368.3200.

Dependent Medical Plan (Optional)

The Optional Dependent Medical Plan aims to provide comprehensive medical coverage at an affordable cost to the families of students covered by the student Medical Plan.

Aetna Student Connection logoAetna Medical Plan

In addition to the Case medical plan, Aetna offers a wide range of online services

EnvisionRxOptionsPrescription Benefits

EnvisionRx provides prescription coverage to Case Student Medical Plan members. Visit for more details.

Alternate Health Insurance

Travel Insurance

If you are planning to travel, there are two programs that are available. The university's Foreign Travel Policy provides insurance and various assistance programs to students traveling to foreign countries. This coverage is provided at no cost. For more information, contact the Office of Risk Management and Insurance.

Case Student Medical Plan members also are eligible for Aetna TravelAssist. TravelAssist provides pre-trip planning assistance, translation assistance, lost travel documents assistance, and more. Just visit the Aetna website and look for the link to Travel Assistance on the left-hand side.

Graduating Students

Students who are graduating or leaving the university are no longer eligible for the Case Student Medical Plan. If you are in need of short-term coverage, there are various options that are available through This interactive tool can help you choose which medical benefits are most important to you.

Alumni, State, and Local Insurance Plans

The Case Alumni Association has partnered with Marsh Affinity Group Services to offer short-term medical insurance to qualifying alumni. You also may be eligible for various state and local insurance plans.