Making Appointments

The University Health Services provides services for students and is staffed by several professionals, all of whom share an interest in college health. These include physicians, nurse practitioners, psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers and registered nurses. A number of the physicians are affiliated with University Hospitals of Cleveland and with the Case School of Medicine.

Mental Health

Students with mental health questions can schedule an appointment at University Health Service and ask to meet with a health care provider. If you are feeling depressed or anxious about school, or having issues with eating problems, alcohol abuse, or sleep disorders, a trained staff member can help. To schedule an appointment at UHS, call 216.368.4539.

Students also may schedule an appointment with University Counseling Services without seeing someone at University Health Service. For counseling-related questions, please call 216.368.5872.

General Clinic

The General Medical Clinic at University Health Service is designed to help students with minor ailments and injuries. Students can still visit the clinic without charge. To schedule an appointment, call 216.368.4539 and we will schedule an appointment at your convenience. If you have an emergency situation, we can make arrangements so you can come into the clinic the same day.
For emergency problems after normal business hours, call 216.368.2450.

Women's Clinic

The Women's Clinic, located on the second floor of the Health Service, is specially designed to meet the health needs of women students at Case, CIM, CIA and OCPM.

Allergy Treatments

If you have a need for allergy shots on a regular basis, treatment is available at UHS at no additional charge.

Scheduling Appointments Online

Online appointments allow you to schedule a visit with a nurse, clinician, or health care provider, anytime.

To begin, login to Open Communicator and click on the Appointments link, located on the left-hand navigation bar. On the Appointments page, click on the button to Schedule an Appointment. Students who wish to schedule a non-emergency appointment can select their clinic choice and continue on to the next screen.

Appointment Options

The Appointment Options page allows you to select the reason for your visit. Once you view the prompts and make your selections, click Continue. Additional screens will appear as you make your selections.

Throughout the appointment-making process, you will be prompted to provide contact information, a callback number, a time for your appointment and more. If you don't find an appointment time that is suitable, you also have the option to call the Health Service staff or choose other appointment options.

After you click on the link to book your appointment, the date and time of your appointment will appear. You also have options to return to the previous page or cancel your appointment prior to booking. You may be asked to answer a few questions about your reason for a visit before you can book the appointment. If you decide that you don't want the appointment or need to reschedule, you can go back and change the appointment. One day before your appointment, an e-mail reminder will be sent to your Case e-mail address.

Using Open Communicator

Use Open Communicator to schedule appointments, send secure messages to the UHS staff, manage your immunizations and more. As long as you have a network ID and password, you can access it at any time.

Login to Open Communicator

  • Go to the Open Communicator website.
  • Enter your network ID and password. (This is provided to you once you enroll at Case.)
  • Enter your birthdate and click on the Proceed button.