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Wellness Program Impact

How have wellness programs impacted faculty and staff? What positive benefits have been achieved? What do faculty and staff think about their participation experiences?
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Walk This Way

Walk This Way

Walking a little can go a long way, just 30 minutes a day can help you burn fat and lose weight.
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 Through the Get Fit Together Series, I found that just a few exercise or nutrition choices can greatly benefit me. The healthy food choices were easy and affordable to make. This is something I can do at home. I can see with the exercise session how easy it is to work a few choice exercises in during the day to improve my overall being. 


Off Campus Resources

The CWRU Wellness Program offers a variety of opportunities for participants to earn the Wellness Program Incentive on campus. However, there are off-site opportunities that may meet the criteria as well.  These include programs offered through health insurance carriers like Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, HealthSpan, or Medical Mutual of Ohio, as well as community recreation centers, online classes, and more.