Email/Newsletter Instructions

Building fully customized HTML email messages should be easy as 1-2-3. Now it's simple as copy-and-paste.

The new HTML email templates offer a very simple process for creating HTML emails, which uses Gmail as the email client that sends the messages. You'll need to activate your university Google Apps email account and log into the account, using your Case Network ID. Build and edit.

  1. Open a new browser window (preferred browser: Firefox) and log into your Case Google Apps email account. We'll call this session tab #1.
  2. In another browser tab or window, open the email template design you intend to use for this message (either one you created/edited or a toolkit template). For a list of designs, check out the list of email templates in the toolkit. Let's call this session tab #2.
  3. Click anywhere in the browser window for tab #2, the email template. Press Ctrl+A (or Apple+A) to select all of the content. Press Ctrl+C (or Apple+C) to copy the content. You will use this copied content later.
  4. Return to tab #1, the email client. Choose "Compose Mail" to begin a new message.
  5. Once the new message loads, click in the email body content and press Ctrl+V (or Apple+V) to paste the email template design into the email body.
  6. Click once inside the email body content and then click, type and edit the content as usual.

(NOTES: You can change font stylesfamilies, sizes, colorsby highlighting the text and selecting your attributes from the Google Mail options. Also: remember to replace all sample images in the body content with your own images that you have posted to your Web server. Use absolute path references in the HTML to point to these images. Read about advanced template editing for additional tips on making changes. Review and test.

  1. When you are done editing your email, press Ctrl+A (or Apple+A) and then Ctrl+C (or Apple+C) to copy the content.
  2. Add your email address and any other email address(es) you would like to send a test message. Keep in mind: you should review your message in more than one email client.
  3. Send.
  4. Open the test email in the available email clients you'll use to review and take a look at the content, layout and general delivery of your message.

Final touches.

  1. After you have reviewed the content and layout of your message, return to your Google Mail client. Click "Compose Message."
  2. Click in the email body section and press Ctrl+V (or Apple+V) to paste your email design and content into the body of your message.
  3. Make your edits, tweaks and corrections.
  4. Edit the footer message ("be sure to add to your address book to make sure these messages make it to your inbox") to either include your standard opt-out language or replace "" with the address from which you'll send this message. Be sure to change the address link on the address as well.
  5. If you are posting a version of this message online (for recipients who cannot see the images or read HTML email), edit the link in the warning message ("can't see the images? view this message online) by highlighting the word "message" and using the link button to copy-paste your message' URL. For more information about posting an online version, read about advanced editing.
  6. Review.
  7. Add your email list to the "To" field in the email form. (If your email is being delivered to more than ten people, read about email lists and policies at the university.)
  8. Send.