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A story or announcement may be very important to its sponsors, but whether it will receive press coverage depends on many factors, including the nature and significance of the news, the timing and even other news happening that day.

Every media outlet, including The Observer (an independent student publication), makes its own decision about coverage on a daily basis. In many cases, though not all, media relations will be able to advise you about whether to expect coverage.

Generally, a story must have some unusual aspect to warrant wide attentiona scientific breakthrough, an exceptionally large donation, appointment of a well-known scholar, a timely development, etc.

Stories generally run only once in any newspaper, and media coverage of any story or event never can be guaranteed.

However, news with less widespread appeal may receive local exposure and often will be covered in the campus press. Keep in mind that items that appear in Think magazine and in other internally produced electronic and print publications are read by a wide audience that includes faculty, staff, students, alumni, trustees, parents, donors, government and community leaders, friends of the university and others.