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Get Your Message Heard Loud and Clear


Facing the media is an opportunityand a responsibility. Our staff can provide coaching and support or serve as a media liaison, but faculty experts and others commenting for the media can take advantage of their opportunity by being prepared and following a few simple guidelines:


Tell the truth
Tell it first
Tell it all
Correct misinformation immediately
Speak in sound bites
Repeat key messages
Be concise and clear
Dress the part; project a cool, clean-cut, professional image
Stay on message
Give examples
Tell stories
Remember: You are always potentially on camera, even if someone else is talking


Speak to the media unprepared
Respond to questions based on unfamiliar facts
Say "no comment"
Be afraid to admit you don't have an answer but offer to get back to the reporter
Repeat negative phrases
Place blame
Lose your temper
Rush to answer
Use jargon
Bore your interviewer
Look into the camera; look at whoever is talking

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