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The Case Western Reserve University media relations department is the place to start when you receive call a from a reporter, see camera crews on campus or have a university-related news story to publicize. Contact us as soon as possible to ensure effective and coordinated media outreach.

University Marketing and Communications works to raise the national notoriety of Case Western Reserve through increasing coverage of its newsworthy link to what's newsworthy people, places and accomplishments in key publications and specialty media. The media team also helps protect the intellectual property, privacy and position of faculty, staff and students.

Below, learn more about the who, what, when, where, why and how of media relations:


Media relations is staffed by professional journalists with extensive experience working with journalists on a daily basis. Our team works with all media, from on-campus to international, in all formatsprint, broadcast and electronic.


Our media team issues news releases, organizes news conferences and handles reporter inquiries. We also work with faculty whom outside media contact for expertise on timely topics. Our staff can provide coaching and support or serve as a media liaison.

The team also assists news crews with shooting on campus, arranges video and radio feeds and helps journalists locate archived photos.


When faculty have a paper soon to be published, a research project newly under way, a grant award or any other publicity need, they should contact media relations. Members of the university can suggest stories.

It is never too early to begin preparing to publicize a story. As soon as you have a firm date for an announcement or a release date for a news story, get in touch with a media relations staff member. At least two weeks' notice is preferred. With major news, it is best to begin early preparation.

Even if the date is not fixed, it is advisable to make the media relations team aware.


Our media relations team targets the top, mainstream news and education media, including the Chronicle of Higher Education, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today and major news networks and magazines. We also strive to place Case Western Reserve stories in select trade publications and print newspapers in designated market areas as well as with local and state media outlets.


The Case Western Reserve campus is private property. Reporters must receive authorization from University Marketing and Communications before arriving.

Permission to shoot video or take photographs on campus or in interior spaces is required in all circumstances. This includes administration and office buildings, classrooms, laboratories, dormitories and residences. Also covered under this rule are inside dining areas, private or public.

In addition, permission must be granted by individual instructors to take photographs of classrooms, by supervisors for labs and by administrators or resident fellows through media relations for residence halls.

This rule applies to any kind of photographystills, video and filmand to print and broadcast reporters with cameras.

Advertising and other commercial media projects require special permission from University Marketing and Communications.


In addition to helping protect the integrity of the university and its faculty, staff and students by coaching interview sources, requiring permission before reporters reach campus and by limiting access and photography once they are here, the media relations team can save you time and effort and help promote positive coverage.

Our staff can arrange for media parking and assist crews with interviews if needed, including setting up locations and getting access to restricted areas when consent to cover has been granted.

Additional information is available by calling University Marketing and Communications' main line at 216.368.4440 and asking for a media representative or sending email to

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