Our Colors

CWRU Color Palate

Color is important when creating a brand identity. It is one of the most visible ways of evoking a precise brand association.

A focused color palette was chosen to help build brand awareness for Case Western Reserve University. This palette comprises four colors: Blue, gray, white and black. Blue and gray were officially adopted as the university colors in the 1967 federation. It only makes sense that these colors be adopted in the university's color palette, and unique blends of each have been created specially for the university. They build on the original colors but offer a more distinctive appearance.

Blue represents knowledge, power, integrity and purpose. It is brilliant, dynamic and innovative. It engages and influences.

Gray is a blend of the intellectual and practical. It connotes wisdom, formality and sophistication.

The university blue should be the dominant color in all marketing communications, with gray, black and white serving as secondary colors. Prominent use of the blue, especially on the covers of our printed pieces, best reinforces our brand.

To ensure consistency, University Marketing and Communications has created a document that communicates our precise color blends. This document can be downloaded and should be shared with print and merchandise vendors. Color swatches also are available upon request.