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Video Production Request

In recent years University Marketing and Communications (UMC) significantly enhanced its video production capabilities. We are delighted that this investment has led to pieces that draw attention and acclaim for the individuals and programs featured—as well as for the university as a whole. We also are grateful to the staff of MediaVision, and the leadership of Information Technology Services, for the support and spirit of collaboration that has contributed significantly to this success.

One of the challenges of this growing recognition is that requests for our videos have increased dramatically. As much as we would like to provide our services to every constituent who asks, our limited resources demand that we exercise great discipline in selecting projects. Each production must meet a top university strategic priority, and do so in a manner best realized through video (as opposed to other communication vehicles). To assist the office in assessing proposals, we ask that you complete the form below. If we cannot take on your project, we will provide you a list of UMC endorsed freelance producers that you may hire. If we are able to pursue your proposal, we will contact you to schedule an initial production meeting. As you complete the following, please be aware that video productions can take several weeks to tape, edit and duplicate.

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