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Frequently Asked Questions

Does University Marketing and Communications charge for its services?

There is no fee for our marketing, design, editorial, web, video, media relations and internal communications services. Printing, production and other associated costs are clients’ responsibilities, but integrated plans can be created with a variety of budgets in mind.

I have a marketing and communications need. Who should I contact and what information should I be prepared to share?

Email University Marketing and Communications at marcominfo@case.edu. Please have the following information on hand:

  • Follow-up contact information
  • Your college, school or institute
  • What you hope to accomplish
  • Your target audience
  • Your desired timeline

What will happen after I email?

A member of our team will follow up shortly to further discuss your specific objectives and work with you to determine the best way to accomplish them.

I’ve been told University Marketing and Communications can’t take on my project(s). Why?

University Marketing and Communications serves the entire university. While we would like to work with every prospective client, time and personnel resources limit our ability to do so. Priority is given to projects that start with strategic, integrated marketing plans. If University Marketing and Communications is unable to meet your immediate needs, we will recommend preferred vendors uniquely qualified to address your specific objectives.

What is an “integrated marketing plan”?

An integrated plan is a roadmap of a client’s overall marketing and communications goals. It includes situation analysis, marketing strategies, implementation tactics (including creative) and identifies target audiences, specific objectives, budgets and metrics. The strategy builds on your college, school or institute’s academic and business plans and is integrated across communications vehicles.

How do I get local and national newspapers, TV and radio stations to feature my college, school, institute or event?

Paid advertising is included in integrated marketing and communications plans when appropriate and when budget allows. To promote research and philanthropy news, University Marketing and Communications also may be able to support outreach to editorial staff at media outlets. Email marcominfo@case.edu with your requests.

What if I want to purchase advertising for a specific need that does not require an integrated plan?

To ensure your college, school or institute benefits from the negotiation of price reductions and, sometimes, additional placements the university receives based on the total of its advertising investments, all ad purchases must be handled by University Marketing and Communications.

What if I just want a simple print piece/website/video? Why do I need an integrated plan?

University Marketing and Communications is tasked with promoting Case Western Reserve University and its community while adhering to the highest standards of excellence. Integrated plans help to assess the best vehicles and strategies for marketing while identifying opportunities for cross-promotion. They also leverage a client’s broader goals to allow for effective planning and, therefore, more successful marketing.

What if I still just want my simple print piece/website/video?

Depending on resources, we may be able to accommodate your request. Contact University Marketing and Communications at marcominfo@case.edu.

What should I do if University Marketing and Communications cannot take on my project?

If University Marketing and Communications is unable to meet your immediate needs, we will recommend preferred vendors uniquely qualified to address your specific objectives. Email us at marcominfo@case.edu.

If I work with a freelance or outside designer/web developer/video producer/printer, does University Marketing and Communications need to review the creative project(s)?

No, University Marketing and Communications does not need to review projects completed by preferred vendors; however, all collateral should adhere to university-approved brand guidelines and reflect the university’s standards for quality. Please direct vendors to University Marketing and Communications’ website for specific visual standards and helpful downloads. Preferred vendorsthose endorsed and recommended by University Marketing and Communicationsalready are versed in brand guidelines and the university’s expectations for quality. Additionally, our creative professionals may be available for consultation. Contact marcominfo@case.edu for more info.

When do the new university-wide brand guidelines take effect?

University-wide brand guidelines were approved and released in March 2010. The goal of these new visual standards is to ensure a cohesive visual identity for Case Western Reserve University that will help strengthen brand recognition and awareness. Schools, departments and institutes should begin transitioning their collateral to reflect these new standards.

How can I ensure creative work produced outside of University Marketing and Communications reflects brand guidelines?

You can ensure your projects reflect brand standards by contracting with our preferred vendors and directing freelancers to the University Marketing and Communications website, which explains visual standards and offers helpful downloads to assist printers, designers and others. If you have questions, contact marcominfo@case.edu.

I want to purchase merchandise with the university logo on it. Are there guidelines I need to follow?

Using appropriate logos and approved colors will ensure your merchandise offers the best possible representation of Case Western Reserve University. Often, University Marketing and Communications can help you choose, design and order appropriate merchandise at competitive rates, although in other instances the University Bookstore may have what you need. Approved logos and color information are available on the University Marketing and Communications website. Contact marcominfo@case.edu for more information.

Can I give the companies my department or division works with a copy of the university logo to use in/on their publications/website/advertisements?

Use of the Case Western Reserve University logo is limited to formally affiliated institutions and partners. Refer any requests for use of the university logo by outside companies to University Marketing and Communications at marcominfo@case.edu.