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Visiting Students

A visiting/non-degree or transient student is one who is still enrolled in high school or has begun his or her education at another college or university and intends to return there. The university permits full- or part-time study in the summer as well as during the fall and spring semesters. Enrollment must be for credit-bearing courses.

StudentsStudents Currently Enrolled in High School

Qualified high school students in Northeast Ohio may attend classes at CWRU as a post-secondary enrollment option. The Pre-College Scholars Program offers highly motivated students a chance to enroll in challenging college courses prior to high school graduation.

Students Currently Attending Colleges or Universities in the United States (including U.S. territories)
Summer Term Enrollment

Students from other colleges, universities or high school graduates who are not degree candidates at Case Western Reserve University may complete a Visiting Undergraduate Student Summer Application for non-degree candidates. Applications will be reviewed on a date received basis, but must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the start of summer classes.

Answers to FAQs about summer term enrollment.


Academic Year Enrollment (Fall/Spring)

Students attending other colleges or universities, who are in good academic standing and eligible to return to their previous institution, may apply for full or part-time status. A visiting student during the academic year need not apply for formal admission to CWRU, but must submit the Application for Enrollment as a Fall or Spring Semester Visiting Student.

Students from Fisk University

A partnership program between Fisk University and Case Western Reserve University welcomes applications from up to four Fisk students per year, who have been approved by their home university, to spend a semester at CWRU. Complete the Fisk Exchange application here.

Students from University of the Virgin Islands

A partnership program in Nursing between University of the Virgin Islands and Case Western Reserve University welcomes applications from UVI students, who have been approved by their home university, to spend a semester at CWRU. Complete the CWRU Undergraduate Incoming Exchange application.

Cross-Registration Program

Full-time undergraduate students in good academic standing at the participating schools listed below may, without incurring any additional tuition charges, enroll for one undergraduate course each semester at CWRU. Enrollment is on a space available basis and students must meet the prerequisites for the courses they wish to take. Cross-registration is available during fall and spring semesters only. Applications must be submitted to the Office of Undergraduate Studies prior to the first week of classes.

The participating institutions are:

Timelines and Exempted Courses

The deadlines and exempted or restricted courses for visiting students who want to cross-register at CWRU are listed below:

Exempted or Restricted Courses
CWRU Graduate courses, independent studies, internships Fall: 8/24/15

International Students Currently Attending Schools Abroad

International students are invited to submit an application for consideration to enroll in the summer, fall or spring terms. We require the completion of the International Visiting Students Application for Non-Exchange Students. International students complete an essay, provide official transcripts and TOEFL scores and financial documents as outlined on the student application form.

Enrollment as an Exchange Student

Formal exchange agreements are established with schools around the world that are of the highest caliber.  Exchange programs generally last either a semester or academic year and are not available during the summer term.  Information can be found at The following is a list of our exchange partners: 

Asia/Middle East



Students Attending Universities in Brazil

Brazilian university students may contact Molly Watkins, Executive Director of International Affairs at for information.