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General Information

Full-time undergraduate students at the participating schools listed below may, without incurring any additional tuition charges, enroll for one undergraduate course per quarter or semester at any of the colleges or universities participating in the program in the Cross Registration program.

The participating institutions are:

Cross Registration Guidelines and Eligibility for CWRU students

  1. Students must be enrolled full-time (12 or more credits) at CWRU during the fall or spring semester in which these studies will be taken. Interim and summer sessions are not included in the program.
  2. Credit earned through cross-registration is counted toward the 15 credit limit that can be earned as a transient student at other colleges or universities.
  3. Students must be in Good Standing at Case Western Reserve University .
  4. Students may not enroll for more than one course at a time through the Cross Registration Program.
  5. When the cross registration enrollment establishes an overload (more than 19 semester credits) the student must be eligible for the overload.
  6. Permission will normally be restricted to courses not offered at CWRU. Students, however, may receive permission to take a course elsewhere (when the course is offered at CWRU) if schedule conflicts make it impossible to take the course at CWRU.
  7. The transfer of courses that will apply toward satisfaction of major requirements must also be approved by the student's major adviser.
  8. Transfer of credit will be allowed only for courses completed for a letter grade and in which a grade of C or higher is earned. Grades will not be recorded on your transcript or included in your average of work completed at CWRU.
  9. Courses taken through cross registration will not be counted toward hours in residence or toward the senior residency requriement at CWRU.
  10. Admission at the host institution is granted to the cross registrant on a “space available” basis and not all courses are open to cross registrants.
  11. Cross registrants are responsible for any special or laboratory fees associated with courses taken at other institutions.

Procedures for Cross Registration

  1. Obtain the Request for Permission for Cross Registration form from the Office of Undergraduate Studies (Sears 357) or download it here.
  2. Obtain the necessary signatures from your advisor.
  3. Make an appointment to to see a dean in the Office of Undergraduate Studies. Cross registration forms will be signed in August for fall classes and in January for spring classes.
  4. Bring your completed Cross Registration Approval Form with you to the meeting.
  5. After you have obtained a signature from a dean in UGS, you must take the form to the Registrar's Office at the host institution. Each school has a different deadline. Please contact them for specific information.

Timelines and Exempted Courses

Cross-registration for most schools begins 2 days before the semester begins. For specific dates and times, please contact the individual schools unless the information is provided below.

If you need to drop or withdraw from a class, be sure to verify the deadlines with the host institution, as the deadlines may be different from your home school.

A list of deadlines and exempted or restricted courses are listed below:

Exempted or Restricted Courses
Baldwin Wallace Conservatory, independent study, Week-end College, field experiment, immersion courses Spring: 1/16
CWRU Graduate courses, independent studies, internship Registration available the week of Jan. 7, 2013.

Restricted to evening classes EXCEPT declared art majors; permission from CIA Admissions Office required for day cross-registration. EXEMPT day classes: graphic design, illustration, industrial & interior design and medical illustration.

To cross-register at CIA, a student must have permission from the CWRU Director of Art Studios before having their cross-regiatrartion form signed by the UGS office. Registration is available the week of Jan. 7, 2013

Spring: 1/16-1/17
CIM Private applied lesson carries an additional charge based on faculty. Registration begins Nov. 12, 2012 Spring: 1/17
Cleveland State ANY 300/400 level classes need written permission to take. Registration available Jan 10-11, 2013. Spring: 1/9 & 1/10

Cuyahoga Community College (Tri-C)

Special admission program courses (e.g. Nursing). Registration available the week of Jan. 7, 2013. Spring: 1/15
Hiram College No Week-end College courses, education courses, off-campus courses or study abroad trips, and special 3-week sessions in December and May Spring: 11/11 - 1/17
John Carroll University Courses that are "by- permit". Students must meet all prerequisites in the Undergraduate Bulletin. Registration available the week of Jan. 7, 2013. Spring: 1/10
Lake Erie College Independent study, study abroad tours courses, private instruction in voice or piano. Spring: 1/18
Lakeland Community College Health programs Spring: 1/11
Lorain Community College All courses on a space-available basis only Spring: 1/21-1/24
Chancellor University Distance education, independent study, master's classes *
Notre Dame of Ohio None Spring: 12/16-1/6
Ursuline College TBA Spring: 1/6/14

* Check with institution

For additional information: