Office of Undergraduate Studies

Joint B.S. in Accounting, Master of Accountancy (B.S./M.Acc.)

This program allows motivated students to accelerate their pursuit of both the B.S. and M.Acc. degrees. In addition to applying six credit hours of Weatherhead graduate course work towards their undergraduate degree program, students in this program may begin taking more graduate course work before completing all of their undergraduate degree requirements. To enroll in this program, students must have:

  1. Completed 90 hours of undergraduate course work
  2. Completed all of the undergraduate Weatherhead General Education Requirements
  3. Completed 30 hours of the Weatherhead Management requirements (including 15 hours of the required Accountancy course work)
  4. Achieved at least a 3.0 overall GPA

Students in this program will receive both the B.S and the Master’s degree at the end of the program. For the first eight semesters of study, the student will register as undergraduates in Case Western Reserve University; thereafter, students will register in the graduate professional degree program in the Weatherhead School of Management. For information, see Professor Parker, Peter B. Lewis Building.