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Pre-College Scholars Program

The following information provides a helpful overview on the program. If you have additional questions, please contact or call 216.368.2928.

Pre-College Scholars Program Application Instructions

  1. Please read all forms carefully prior to completing them.
  2. In order to complete the PCSP Course Selection Form, please review the information listed in the Course Selection Information section below.
  3. Submit ALL application forms and supplemental materials by April 15, 2015
  4. All application materials contain fields that can be completed electronically. Please complete the forms and save them as PDF documents. You may submit your completed documents via e-mail or fax them to 216.368.4718. Handwritten application materials will not be accepted.
  5. Supplemental materials (e.g., official high school and college transcripts) should be emailed or mailed to the following address:

Pre-College Scholars Program
Office of Undergraduate Studies, 357 Sears Building
10900 Euclid Avenue
Cleveland, OH, 44106-7028

Pre-College Scholars Program 2015 Information Session

Students, parents, and high school guidance counselors seeking more information are encouraged to attend the Pre-College Scholars Information session on Thursday, March 26, from 6-8 p.m. Call the Office of Undergraduate Studies at 216.368.2928 to register for this session.

Course Selection Information

Pre-College Scholars, enrolling either independently or through the Post-Secondary Enrollment Options Program of the State of Ohio, are permitted to enroll in available courses for which they have completed prerequisites. Ordinarily, Pre-College Scholars enroll in one or two courses per term.

Pre-College Scholars will not be permitted to enroll at Case Western Reserve University for any course(s) which cover the same material as a course offered at the student’s secondary school, for example, Advanced Placement courses. Pre-College Scholars are not guaranteed enrollment in any course, and final course approval must be given by the Office of Undergraduate Studies.

Pre-College Scholars may take courses in the following subjects:

Accounting (ACCT) Dance (DANC) Mathematics (MATH)*
American Studies (AMST) Economics (ECON) Music (MUGN, MUTH, MUHI)
Anthropology (ANTH) English (ENGL) Nutrition (NTRN)
Arabic (ARAB) Engineering (ENGR)* Philosophy (PHIL)
Art History (ARTH) Environmental Studies (ESTD) Physics (PHYS)*
Art Studio (ARTS) Ethnic Studies (ETHS) Political Science (POSC)
Asian Studies (ASIA) French (FRCH) Portuguese (PORT)
Astronomy (ASTR) Geological Sciences (GEOL) Psychology (PSCL)
Bioethics (BETH) German (GRMN) Religious Studies (RLGN)
Biology (BIOL)* Greek (GREK) Russian (RUSN)
Biomedical Engineering (EBME 105 only) Hebrew (HBRW) Sociology (SOCI)
Chemistry (CHEM)* History (HSTY) Spanish (SPAN)
Chinese (CHIN)   Statistics (STAT)
Classics (CLSC) Italian (ITAL)  
Cognitive Science (COGS) Japanese (JAPN) Theater (THTR)
Communication Sciences (COSI) Judaic Studies (JDST) Women’s Studies (WMST)
Computer Engineering/Computer Science (EECS)* Latin (LATN) World Literature (WLIT)

Please consult the Schedule of Classes to view available courses for upcoming semesters. If you are interested in summer courses, please review information about the various summer terms and tuition here

Students who hope to use credit earned through AP or IB examinations should consult the AP and IB course equivalencies. 

Pre-College Scholars are not permitted to enroll in First or University Seminars (FSCC, FSNA, FSSO, FSSY, USNA, USSO, and USSY), professional (e.g., law, management, or medical), or graduate (400-level and up) courses. In addition, the following courses are often closed at the time of Pre-College Scholars enrollment, and are therefore unavailable.

Biology 214 – Genes and Evolution
Biology 215 – Cells and Proteins 
Biology 216 – Organisms and Ecosystems 
Engineering 131 – Elementary Computer Programming 
Engineering 145 – Chemistry of Materials
Engineering 200 – Statistics and Strength of Materials
Engineering 210 – Introduction of Circuits and Instrumentation
Engineering 225 - Thermodynamics, Fluid Dynamics, Heat and Mass Transfer 
Mathematics 120 – Elementary Functions & Analytic Geometry
Mathematics 223 – Calculus for Science & Engineering III
Mathematics 227 – Calculus III 
Physics 115 – Introductory Physics I
Physics 116 – Introductory Physics II
Physics 121 – General Physics I – Mechanics
Physics 122 – General Physics II – Electricity & Magnetism