Office of Undergraduate Studies

Withdrawal from the University

To withdraw from the university during a semester or session, a student must complete an official withdrawal form in the Office of Undergraduate Studies. If unable to complete the withdrawal in person, the student must send written notification to the Office of Undergraduate Studies. If the withdrawal is necessary for reasons of health, a statement from the student’s physician to the University Health Service may be required as a condition of re-admission. Grades of WD will be assigned in all courses in which a student is registered at the time of withdrawal, provided that a student follows the procedures stated above. Failure to attend classes or notification of instructors only, does not constitute withdrawal from the university. A student who ceases to attend or otherwise participate in courses without officially withdrawing will be assigned the grade F for each course in which he or she is enrolled.

Students who do not plan to return for the following semester must notify the Office of Undergraduate Studies, 357 Sears Bldg., 216.368.2928, in person or in writing.