Office of Undergraduate Studies


Assignment of the Incomplete Grade:

The Incomplete grade (I) is assigned by and at the discretion of the instructor when a) there are extenuating circumstances, explained to the instructor before the assignment of the grade, which clearly justify an extension of time beyond the requirements established for and met by other students in the class, and b) the student has been passing the course and only a small segment of the course, such as a term paper, remains to be completed.

It is the student's responsibility to notify the instructor of the circumstances preventing completion of all assigned work. In the absence of notification or adequate justification, the instructor has the authority to assign the student a final grade that assumes a failing grade for the missing work. An Incomplete grade should not be assigned a) when a student has been absent for much of the semester and/or has done little of the work required for a course, or b) because a student is absent from a final examination, unless the dean of undergraduate studies has authorized the grade.

The amount of additional time allowed the student to make up incomplete work should serve to accommodate the student while being fair to other students in the course. It should be proportional to the duration of a student's illness or absence and might be no more than a few days or weeks. At the extreme, it should not extend past the eleventh week of the session following the one in which the Incomplete grade was received. In certain cases (such as students on probation) the dean of undergraduate studies may establish an earlier date for completion of courses with Incomplete grades.

Changing the Incomplete Grade:

When the student has completed the required work, the instructor shall enter in the Student Information System a final evaluative grade to replace the Incomplete. When a student fails to submit the work required for removing the Incomplete by the date established, the instructor shall enter a final grade that assumes a failing performance for the missing work. In the absence of the assignment of a grade by the instructor, the Registrar will convert the I to F when the deadline for making up Incomplete grades from a previous semester has passed.