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14.0: What is the name given to a bell tower located at the crossing of the nave and transept of a church building rather than at one of the more traditional front corners?

The correct answer is A: armpit tower. See full Question 14.0, answer and explanation.

13.0: Which building on campus accounts for just over 10 percent of the university's energy consumption?

The correct answer is B: Wolstein Research Building. See full Question 13.0, answer and explanation.

12.0: Who was the first white player to integrate the Negro Leagues?

The correct answer is C: Eddie Klepp. See full Question 12.0, answer and explanation.

11.0: After an interstellar voyage, where did the rocket carrying scientist Jor-El's only infant son crash land on Earth in Action Comics #1 (1938)?

The correct answer is D: Cleveland. See full Question 11.0, answer and explanation.

10.0: What caused the current U.S. economic crisis?

The correct answer is E: All of the Above. See full Question 10.0, answer and explanation.

9.0: One of the most widely used drugs for early-stage breast cancer therapeutics is Tamoxifen, which binds specifically to which nuclear receptor?

The correct answer is D: Estrogen receptor. See full Question 9.0, answer and explanation.

8.0: In what year was the university's wide-field Schmidt telescope, which is used for astronomical research and located at Kitt Peak National Observatory near Tucson, Ariz., built?

The correct answer is B: 1939. See full Question 8.0, answer and explanation.

7.0: In Indian philosophy, how does Madhvacarya's theory of visesa avoid the dosa (flaw) of anavastha (infinite regress)?

The correct answer is C: Madhvacarya holds that visesa is svanirvahaka (possessing self-sufficiency). See full Question 7.0, answer and explanation.

6.0: Which of the following is NOT a major federal urban initiative in the United States?

The correct answer is B: Urban Revitalization Sites. See full Question 6.0, answer and explanation.

5.0: Which school started as a unit of another school, was sold to an outside business and eventually returned to being part of the university like all other academic units?

The correct answer is B: The School of Dental Medicine. See full Question 5.0, answer and explanation.

4.0: How many of new U.S. businesses received first-time funding from a venture capital firm in 2009?

The correct answer is A: 728. See full Question 4.0, answer and explanation.

3.0: Which reason for HIV researchers' lack of success in developing a safe, effective vaccine is incorrect?

The correct answer is C: Initial infections in people typically occur through mucosal surfaces, which are not sites of immune responses. See full Question 3.0, answer and explanation.

2.0: What can a naked mole rat be compared to?

The correct answer is A: a Tibetan. See full Question 2.0, answer and explanation.

1.0: What is this apparent motion of the sun through the constellations of the zodiac is predominantly caused by?

The correct answer is C: The pull of the sun and moon on Earth's equatorial bulge causing the Earth's spin axis to wobble in space. See full Question 1.0, answer and explanation.