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Looking for a way to make a difference, and want to do it among friends and you don’t have a lot of extra time? Then look no further! Join one of the university’s Green Teams!

Green Teams are open to all staff, students, and faculty interested in campus greening and take a “bite size” approach by just focusing on your school, college, or administrative division. Green Teams help to raise awareness about campus sustainability, make suggestions about how to make our program better, encourage colleagues to conserve energy, and to use less and recycle the rest. When you join a Green Team, you’ll be joining a network of people at who are working together to make our campus a healthier, happier place—one building and one school, at a time. Green Teams meet once a month (usually over the lunch hour) with the university’s director of sustainability. In these meetings, we share ideas, challenges, solutions, and come up with creative new ideas.

The Green Teams are school based because each of the 9 schools and colleges making up Case Western Reserve has its unique needs, ways of communicating, and culture… reflected by the people and departments who make them up. As resident experts, members of the Green Teams partner with the office of sustainability, their building manager, student organizations, and facilities services to identify and promote adoption of more sustainable practices and policies.

For more information on your school’s Green Team, contact director of sustainability Stephanie Corbett. If you’re ready to get involved and play a vital role in achieving our campus greening goals, here are some easy suggestions to help you get started:

  • Have I talked with colleagues about turning off lights and computers?
  • Do I turn off my computer and lights every time I’m gone for a long period of time?
  • Have I checked to see if we are using energy efficient light blubs in our offices or for task lighting / desk lamps?
  • Have I enabled energy-saving features on my computer and disabled the screensaver?
  • Am I unplugging un-needed equipment, charges and appliances at the end of the day?
  • Does my department advocate the use of power strips for shutting off power easily to several things at once?
  • Are all the printers printing double-sided?
  • Have I changed the margins on my documents to 0.5 inches all around?
  • Do we promote events electronically rather than printing flyers?
  • Does my department share meeting agendas and other reference documents electronically rather than printing?
  • Are brochures and catalogues printed on recycled-content paper?
  • Is my department buying recycled products?
  • Has my department switched from offering paper or Styrofoam cups and water bottles to only using reusable cups for coffee and other beverages?
  • Does my department have a preferred purchasing policy for Energy Star or energy efficient equipment?
Recycle and Reuse
  • Are we buying reusables as opposed to disposables?
  • Does everyone have a desk slider recycling container at their desks?
  • Are there locations where recycling bins are needed?
  • Am I reporting problems/needs to custodial staff or Case’s recycling coordinator?
  • Are there sufficient containers in the mail rooms for junk mail / catalogs?
  • Does everyone know where to find the do’s and don’ts of recycling?
  • Are shipping boxes and other cardboard items (i.e., pizza boxes) being recycled?
  • Are computers and laser/ink cartridges being recycled / returned to company?
  • Are items which are no longer needed (and still usable) shared with colleagues/other departments and/or Facilities Services surplus furniture program?
  • Are recycling bins available in room where the lunch/party/event is happening?
  • Are we serving with reusable cutlery, dishes, bowls, platters, cups?
  • Are we using recyclable containers?
  • Are we minimizing waste by buying/serving in bulk vs. individual containers (platter of sandwiches vs. box lunch, full containers of condiments vs. individual packets, etc.)?
  • Are give-aways or promotional items something people will actually use?