ght="14" width="242">Transportation Working Group Raising rates to discourage driving of cars??? Impact on revenue? Transportation Working Group Right size demand… Transportation Working Group Heated waiting places for the "Greeny" Transportation Working Group Move some of the stops so they are visible from the buildings Transportation Working Group "Next Bus" is available…more promotion necessary? Transportation Working Group Reliability of "Next Bus" system Transportation Working Group Between 5 and 7 pm the system is not reliable Transportation Working Group Use abandoned bikes for campus bike share. Transportation Working Group Cleveland bike co-op Transportation Working Group Recruiting/interviews via video conference Transportation Working Group Purchase offsets through airlines ($25,000 to $35,000 per year to offset) Transportation Working Group Car travel for closer destination instead of air travel (BWI/ORD) Transportation Working Group Risk management with 15-passenger vans…only 9 allowed currently Waste Working Group The university will improve its education related to waste reduction and recycling.  Waste Working Group The university will share waste reduction practices with other institutions in the area and the city to identify means of collaboration and adoption of best practices.  Waste Working Group The university will expand its materials to be recycled to include aluminum, batteries, cell phones, concrete asphalt, sheetrock, film media and cases, plastic containers and bags, signs, banners, packaging materials, Styrofoam, tennis balls and transparencies.  Waste Working Group Procurement – toxics use reduction motivated procurement (urge or compel replacing more toxic for less toxic materials (e.g. cleaning materials, lab materials, construction materials)

.  Waste Working Group Operations – “move-in/move-out day program” to facilitate student contribution of goods that can be donated to charities and extra services to best capture surplus recycling generated during these events.  Waste Working Group Procurement – waste prevention as factor in selecting office equipment (e.g. electronic interface, double-sided capabilities; sourcing and purchasing for durability).  Waste Working Group Operations – replace paper documents with online alternatives (e.g. telephone directories, course catalogs, room selection, bill payment, grade distribution) Waste Working Group Procurement -- excess packaging as factor in procurement (e.g. require vendors shipping on a pallet to take it back with the next delivery; redesign shipping packaging for waste minimization or recyclability). Waste Working Group The university will create a program to incentives to reward individual units or buildings that excel at waste reduction. Waste Working Group Education and Incentives – suggestions system that provides mechanism for campus community to report wasteful practices and offer suggestions for waste reduction. Waste Working Group The university will create a program to give reusable supplies to local schools.  Waste Working Group The university will increase farm programs that complement university recycling and composting programs.  Waste Working Group The university will invest in equipment to support staff as they enhance recycling and composting programs. Waste Working Group The university dining will adopt a "no bag" policy for take out.  Waste Working Group Procurement practices (primarily at the university’s central procurement office, in its construction standards, and through its food services vendor) will be revisited to meet objectives of reducing campus waste, increasing the proportion of campus materials that can be recycled, and decreasing the toxicity of campus-purchased goods.  Waste Working Group The campus will improve its recycling program to capture a greater proportion of materials already recycled and composted and to expand this program to include more materials.  This initiative will focus on the activities of three campus entities: residential life, dining and food service, and general campus maintenance.