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We have the power to shape the future of our world. To ensure the health of our planet and our society, increasingly critical and complex decisions must be made by individuals, organizations, and policy makers. Many questions must be asked, and answered, to guide us to a balanced, prosperous future.

Our mission: The Sustainability Alliance works to understand and solve long-term problems that affect the interconnected health of our planet and society. It engages and enables Case Western Reserve University scholars and our external partners to attack those problems, and motivates and educates the next generation of environmental sustainability leaders and problem-solvers.

about the alliance

The Sustainability Alliance comprises an interdisciplinary group of researchers and educators from diverse disciplines, including the humanities, law, management, medicine and the natural sciences.


Professor John Ruhl, professor of physics, is the faculty leader of this effort and the point of contact for those interested in contributing to our work. If you have questions about the institute or would like to become involved in its activities, please send email to:

For general Sustainable CWRU questions contact the Office for Sustainability 216-368-2196 or