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Undergraduate Tuition + Fees

Here at Case Western Reserve University, the Student Financial Services office would like to inform current and prospective undergraduate students about important information such as tuition rates and other miscellaneous fees for their course of study.

Undergraduate Tuition Rates: Fall 2015 and Spring 2016 

Undergraduate: up to 11 credit hours per semester  $1,840/credit hour
Undergraduate: 12 or more credit hours per semester  $22,078/semester


Summer 2015 Tuition Rates 

Undergraduate Level Class (399 or Below) $891/credit hour
Graduate Level Class (400 or Above) $1,782/credit hour


Additional Fees and Expenses 

Activity Fee $177/semester
Matriculation Fee (Fall Semester Entrants) $510
Matriculation Fee (Spring Semester Entrants) $70
 Transportation Fee  $25/semester 
Health Plan Fee   $880


Nursing Major Fees 

Additional Activity Fee (total for nursing major $184.50) $7.50/semester
NCLEX Preparations (Fall only) $112.50
NSA Membership Fee (Fall only) $30
Fingerprinting & Background Check (Fall only) $65
 Lab Fee (Fall only) $215
 CPR Certification (Fall only) $85
 NEONI (Fall only) $50

Please note: Students are also responsible for additional fees, such as room charges, meal plans, book fees, and CaseCash.