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Our Strategic Plan: Development Process

Background on the Development Process

In the summer of 2004, Case Western Reserve University began a university-wide strategic planning process. This important initiative is designed to establish the priorities that will guide the university over the next five years.

In December 2005, then Provost and University Vice President John L. Anderson convened a steering committee, consisting of faculty, staff and student representatives, to move the plan, then called the Academic Strategic Plan, forward to completion. Since its inception, the steering committee grew to include a faculty representative from each of the schools.

In April 2006, given the university's budgetary issues and leadership changes, the decision was made to refocus the planning process from the development of a classic strategic plan, one with extensive detail and defined metrics, to a more fundamental document, one that defines the institution's purpose and direction and can help guide decision-making during the transition.

After Barbara R. Snyder became the new president of the university on July 1, 2007, she charged a new steering committee with a formal strategic planning effort. The nine-month process that followed included input from hundreds of students, faculty, staff, alumi and supporters of the university, working groups and issues task forces and planning consultants. This effort yielded a set of reports and planning documents that builds on the foundation laid by earlier initiatives.

The steering committee's goal was to take a statement of institutional direction and priorities, now renamed the University Plan, to the Board of Trustees for its review and approval. The document "Forward Thinking" was approved by the Board in June 2008. Footer