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Our Strategic Plan: FORWARD THINKING

Our Core Values

Under the guidance of the university president, leadership of the provost and with wide participation of faculty, staff, students and community members, the strategic planning process identified key priorities that shape the university's future, its budgeting, fund-raising, campus improvements and other basic operations.

These core Case Western Reserve University values include:

  • Academic excellence and impact
    • Eminence in teaching and research
    • Scholarship that changes lives and deepens understanding
    • Creativity and innovation as hallmarks of our efforts
  • Inclusiveness and diversity
    • Civility and the free exchange of ideas
    • Civic and international engagement
    • Appreciation for the perspectives and talents of each individual
  • Integrity and transparency
    • Academic freedom and responsibility
    • Ethical behavior
    • Shared governance
  • Effective stewardship
    • Strong, ongoing financial planning
    • Emphasis on sustainability
    • Systems that support attainment of our mission Footer