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Juxtaposition of classic architecture and new designs appears across the Case Western Reserve Univeristy campus.
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Our Strategic Plan: Key Goals and Initiatives

Goal Four: Integrity and Transparency

Realizing our goals requires significant improvements in our ability to assess our academic programs, track our finances and provide high-quality service to students, staff, faculty and alumni. To strengthen institutional resources to support the university’s mission, we will:

Define performance indicators, and strengthen systems for monitoring outcomes

Improve internal "customer" satisfaction with administrative services

Improve resource allocation

In a decentralized institution, allocation processes must be transparent, understandable and coherent.

Identify innovative sources of revenue

Implement best operational practices

We will work across the campus to promote greater effectiveness and efficiency and to improve stewardship and accountability for all resources.

Initiate a major capital campaign, with emphasis on student support, professorships, and other key priorities Footer