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Our Strategic Plan: Key Goals and Initiatives

Goal Two: Diversity

Through the promotion of cultural understanding, recognition of excellence and attraction of an outstanding student, faculty and staff base, Case Western Reserve University will develop a strong, vibrant and diverse university community. In achieving this end, the university will:

Recruit, retain, and develop outstanding students

We will enroll a diverse group of highly qualified undergraduate, graduate and professional students and provide them outstanding support and mentoring.

  • Seek endowment support for scholarships for undergraduate students.
    • Substantially expand funding for merit awards.
    • Enhance initiatives to attract and support low income, first-generation, disabled and other students from underrepresented groups.
  • Attract and assist exceptional graduate students.
    • Seek endowment support for graduate fellowships, with emphasis on fields participating in the strategic alliances and those identified as top priorities by the college and the schools.
    • Increase all forms of financial assistance to allow the University to be competitive in graduate student recruitment.
    • Identify and mentor students to compete for nationally funded pre-doctoral fellowships early in their first year on campus.
  • Improve support for all students.
    • Enhance mentoring with an emphasis on post-graduation plans.
    • Strengthen orientation and advising programs for entering students.
  • Enrich student life, including programming in residence halls, and other co-curricular activities.
    • Strengthen links between academic programs and student life.
    • Explore the value of strategic investment in athletics, focusing on how competitive success enhances the overall campus experience.

Promote diversity

We will enfranchise underrepresented groups, maximizing the richness of culture, and perspectives within the campus community.

  • Expand recruitment and retention of underrepresented faculty, staff, administrators, and students.
    • Fill the position of Vice President for Inclusion, Diversity and Equal Opportunity.
    • Strengthen university-level programs for promoting and monitoring diversity.
    • Sustain and broaden the ADVANCE Institutional Transformation Program, with its emphasis on women and minority faculty.
    • Encourage diversity by promoting innovative courses and activities.
    • Enhance programming for interfaith activities.

Recognize and reward excellence among faculty and staff, and recruit outstanding colleagues

Attracting talented individuals is essential to our success and stature.

  • Provide competitive compensation to faculty and staff.
    • Develop and implement a multi-year plan to improve faculty and staff compensation.
    • Monitor compensation to ensure that the university retains high-performing faculty and staff.
  • Strengthen the university’s resources to support the work of faculty and staff.
    • Improve administrative services crucial to teaching, research, and scholarship.
    • Expand research assistance for faculty, including methodological and statistical consultation, proposal-writing assistance and identification of funding opportunities.
    • Upgrade computing capabilities, including expanding support for high-performance research computing.
    • Enhance campus libraries’ ability to support research and education.
    • Develop a child care facility.
  • Offer high-quality mentoring and career development support for faculty and staff.
    • Link faculty promotion, tenure, and salary decisions as well as staff promotions and compensation to mentoring efforts.
    • Include an assessment of mentoring activities in annual reviews for senior faculty and administrators.
    • Ensure that each College and School has a faculty development program and encourage coordination among them.
    • Charge senior faculty and administrators to help junior colleagues gain entrance to targeted groups, particularly the National Academy of Science, the National Academy of Engineering, and the Institute of Medicine.
    • Create a program of leadership development for faculty and staff.

Make the campus more vibrant

A dynamic university campus contributes to the experiences of its students, faculty and staff.

  • Develop new and improved facilities to meet key priorities.
    • Build a University Center.
    • Encourage development of the Uptown Project and its housing, retail, and entertainment options.
    • Continue development of the North Residential Village.
    • Improve campus facilities for the performing arts.
    • Integrate considerations of sustainability into all campus planning, ensuring that new campus building projects endeavor to meet criteria required for certification from LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).
  • Ensure that student attitudes and interests are reflected in the design of new programs and facilities.
    • Track student preferences through surveys and focus groups.
    • Ensure that students serve on advisory groups involved in developing new campus programs and facilities.
  • Support and expand emerging campus traditions that contribute to a stronger sense of community.
    • Bring greater visibility to such events as Hudson Relays, SpringFest, Match Day, Research ShowCASE, the Undergraduate Research Symposium, and the Inamori Ethics Prize ceremony.
    • Reinforce campus support for athletic programs and artistic performances and exhibits.
    • Celebrate faculty, staff, student, and alumni achievements.

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