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A Case Western Reserve University graduate waits for the Commencement procession to begin.
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Our Strategic Plan: Key Goals and Initiatives

Goal Two: Diversity

Through the promotion of cultural understanding, recognition of excellence and attraction of an outstanding student, faculty and staff base, Case Western Reserve University will develop a strong, vibrant and diverse university community. In achieving this end, the university will:

Recruit, retain, and develop outstanding students

We will enroll a diverse group of highly qualified undergraduate, graduate and professional students and provide them outstanding support and mentoring.

Promote diversity

We will enfranchise underrepresented groups, maximizing the richness of culture, and perspectives within the campus community.

Recognize and reward excellence among faculty and staff, and recruit outstanding colleagues

Attracting talented individuals is essential to our success and stature.

Make the campus more vibrant

A dynamic university campus contributes to the experiences of its students, faculty and staff. Footer