Students at student orientation gathered on the football field for a group photo, Case Western Reserve style.
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Our Strategic Plan: Key Goals and Initiatives

Goal Three: Community

By engaging colleagues and neighbors within and outside the university and increasing our involvement throughout the region, Case Western Reserve University will expand and deepen our relationships with the larger community. Specifically, the university will:

Better engage alumni

We seek to bring our graduates into closer, mutually beneficial relationships with one another and our campus community.

  • Encourage alumni to participate more fully in the university’s activities.
    • Reinforce the role of the University Alumni Association as the voice for alumni in institution-wide issues.
    • Pilot continuing education offerings in consultation with the Lifelong Learning Committee of the University Alumni Association.
    • Make accessible a database that links alumni to each other and campus users.
  • Increase alumni participation in a broader range of roles at the university.
    • Engage alumni as potential partners in research, and as informal mentors to students.
    • Appoint graduates as members of committees and advisory groups involved with the life of the university.
    • Encourage service in the Alumni Admissions program, and as ambassadors for the university through well-organized, effective chapters.

Develop and improve integrated programs with leading University Circle institutions

The university has the unique opportunity to draw on the resources of preeminent cultural, scientific, educational, and health care institutions that are our immediate neighbors.

    • Review the performance of current partnerships and explore ways to make them even more powerful.
    • Develop a systematic plan to involve leaders of the University Circle institutions in the life of the university.

Increase involvement in Cleveland and Northeast Ohio

Cleveland is one of the nation’s major cities, with opportunities and challenges that relate well to many of our educational and research programs.

  • Explore opportunities that enhance our educational and research efforts.
    • Develop a systematic approach for involving community organizations and individuals in campus events and discussions.
    • Build on existing partnerships such as OneCommunity to support innovation.

Strengthen relationships with stakeholders at the state, federal and international level

  • Forge closer ties to research-related staff at national agencies and in Congress.
    • Ensure faculty become aware early of pending opportunities.
    • Assist faculty in developing proposals and navigating the process to secure support.
  • Work with state leaders to build a better understanding of the value of Case Western Reserve University to Ohio and the Great Lakes region.
    • Develop an explicit, coherent strategy for regular outreach as well as targeted efforts to advance specific initiatives.
  • Identify leaders within the U.S. and abroad with expertise in globalization, and seek their guidance regarding initiatives and programs the university should explore overseas. Footer