Three Case Western Reserve University walk to Commencement and their futures.
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Forward Thinking: Our Strategic Plan for Case Western Reserve University 2008-2013

Eight schools strong, four interdisciplinary alliances, one strategic plan

With the recent creation of a new five-year strategic plan, Case Western Reserve — its one college and seven schools — is uniting forward to further realize its mission and vision of improving people’s lives through preeminent research, education and creative endeavor.

Case Western Reserve is advancing forward its values and goals for an honest, open and diverse academic family, connected with the larger community, that helps drive humanity’s most defining moments.

From ad hoc association and individual initiative to four strategic interdisciplinary alliances, Case Western Reserve is developing forward in newly identified collaborative realms and distinct areas of investment to help solve society’s greatest challenges.

Already one of the top research universities in the nation, Case Western Reserve is thinking forward to realize its potential as one of the best overall institutions of higher education in the world. Footer