Capstone Contacts  (Updated 1/27/2012)


Program Organization and Overview  

In contrast to the SAGES First and University Seminars, which are organized through the central SAGES office, the SAGES Capstone Program runs under the auspices of each College/School, which offers an undergraduate degree.Individual academic departments have a large degree of autonomy in deciding the nature of the capstone experience, which best serves the interests of their majors.  For this reason, we suggest that you address questions concerning particular Capstone Courses or degree programs to one of the following:

Academic Representative of the department and Academic Representatives and Contacts for First Students/Advisors, view


Capstone Course Instructor (identified via the Registrar's Searchable Schedule of Classes).

Department Chairperson


CWRU Capstone Contacts

DISCLAIMER: Individual responsibilities change periodically and these changes are NOT routinely reported to the keeper of these web pages, so the information posted below may be out of date.

College of Arts and Sciences

Geology           Prof. Peter Whiting        


School of Medicine / College of Arts & Sciences

Biochemistry   Prof. David Samols        

Nutrition           Prof. Hope Barkoukis 

Nutrition           Prof. James Swain     


CWRU School of Engineering

Contact the Academic Representative of the department(s) within the CWRU School of Engineering in which you are majoring. Engineering-Undesignated majors should contact Associate Dean Gary Wnek.


Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing

Prof. Marilyn Lotas 


Weatherhead School of Management

Asst. Dean Kevin Carduff 

Prof. Julia Grant 


Case Western Reserve University

General questions about the Capstone Program may be directed to Prof. Gary Chottiner, who serves as the Capstone Coordinator for the University.  Note, however, that formal authority over the SAGES Capstone Program resides not with Prof. Chottiner, but with the individuals listed above.