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The Future of Foodhe Fu

ture of Food



As reported by a SAGES course has inspired Alexander Razavi, a fourth-year student here at CWRU, to look more closely at the diet and lifestyle choices he makes, and the importance of food to health more generally. He is looking to apply this insight to his future career in medicine.


Alexander has opened a chapter of the Slow Food movement here in Cleveland, and in October he’ll be traveling to the Terra Madre and Salone del Gusto 2014, in Turin.


The course Alexander took was USNA252, The Future of Food, taught by Presidential Fellow Mary Holmes, founder of the North Union Farmers Market. It looked at how science and technology have transformed food production, distribution and consumption since World War II. Food is cheaper and more plentiful than it used to be, but American diets are now high in sugar, fat, and processed grains, which contribute to chronic disease such as diabetes and obesity. The course also tackled serious questions about the sustainability of American agribusiness.


As Alexander told, ‘eating a really healthy diet seems to be such an essential part of health, but I think that's either a neglected or suppressed concept … educating consumers on making intelligent food decisions is essential. It's going to require clinical medicine and public health action to really attack these issues by helping individuals make better personal choices, and more scientific research to support better federal food policies.’

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