Frequently Asked Questions - Schedule of Classes Users

Why do I have to enter at least two search criteria?

The Searchable Schedule of Classes is a very useful, popular and time-sensitive tool. If the search page allowed wide open searches, it might have a slower response time for all students due to the amount of data being searched and returned.

Why is my search returning no results?

It could be several things. First make sure that you try the search a different way. Try selecting something like Subject and Show Open Classes Only. It's also possible that the department has not updated any data for the courses to be offered. The registrar's office can help you determine if this is the case. Please email Another possibility is that you entered too many search criteria, and there are no courses that meet all criteria. Try starting over with fewer criteria. The search page requires at least 2 criteria.

When I enter the course subject, the screen refreshes. Can this be adjusted?

This is a known issue and will be adjusted if a solution is found.

Does the Searchable Schedule of Classes support wild card searches like course numbers 2*?

No, but the Schedule of Classes does support "contains," "greater than or equal to" and "less than or equal to" in order to help you find what you are looking for.

When I search for a course with "Include Only These Days" the search returns classes with more than just those days. Why is this?

The search is looking at each meeting pattern separately. If it finds one meeting pattern with only those days, and a second meeting pattern for that class is taught during different days, it still is viewing the first meeting pattern as having met the search criteria.

How can I look up all Fall 1st half Physical Education Courses?

Make sure that the Course Career is set to Undergraduate (because sessions are career-specific) and in the Session box, select "Regular - 1st Half Semester".

How can I search for Semester Spotlight courses?

In the Course Attribute box, select "Schedule Search". Then, in the Attribute Value box and select "Semester Spotlight".

How can I search for all seminars being offered?

Go to Course Component and choose "seminar" from the drop down menu. You may also need to choose a second search criteria such as "undergraduate" from Course Career.