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How do I access the Student Information System (SIS)?

Go to and log in with your Case network ID and password.

When can I access the Student Information System (SIS)?

SIS is available 24/7. However, system maintenance will occasionally be required. This will occur during the 3am to 6am maintenance window and will be announced ahead of time.

Who has access to the Student Information System (SIS)?

Faculty of record and advisors of record can access the Faculty and Advisor Centers. Students can access the Student Center. Department representatives can request access to the Departmental Admin Center to view student information, release advising holds and grant course permissions. See "How can administrative personnel gain access to view student information?" below for details.

I am unable to login. What should I do?

Click here for more information on login errors.

What can I do as an instructor?

You will be able to view your teaching schedule, both in a semester and weekly grid view, view your final exam schedule, view your class rosters (with or without student photos), send e-mail based on your class roster, issue permissions and overrides for enrollment requirements (e.g. prerequisites) and class limits, submit midterm and final grades and more.

What can I do as an advisor?

You will be able to view your advisee roster, release advising holds, view individual advisee academic data such as cumulative grade reports and more.

How do I change the default semester in my Faculty Center?

On the left-hand menu select "Set Up SACR," and then "User Defaults." On the page that appears, first select a default career by clicking the lookup icon (magnifying glass) next to Academic Career. The career you choose will be the career that defaults in as a search criteria when you go into Class Search through SIS. If you use the public Searchable Schedule of Classes, this career will not default in. After you select a career, click the lookup icon next to Term, and choose the term you would like to have as the default.

How can I see a complete list of what's being offered for the semester?

At this time that functionality isn't available for the online schedule of classes.

How can I see enrollments for all the courses my department is offering?

In SIS, choose Reporting Tools from the left-hand menu and then Query. Select Query Viewer, then click Advanced Search in the frame on the right. Next to Folder Name enter "statistics" and you'll get a list of queries that can be used to look at enrollment counts. If you want all of an academic organization's courses, use the COUNTS_BY_ORG query. If you want courses by subject area, use the COUNTS_BY_SUBJ query. Enter the term and org/subject codes or use the lookup icons to the right of the text boxes to identify your search criteria. Click View Results.

If you do not have access to this function, you can email for enrollment counts.

I'm unable to print a screen in SIS. What should I do?

Click here for detailed instructions on printing screens from your Firefox or Internet Explorer browser.

Where can I go for more information?

For SIS Manual and Guides:

For SIS Student FAQs:

For Class Scheduling FAQs:

For SIS & Services News:


Student Information

What is the Student ID number?

The Student ID numbers is a system assigned unique number that identifies each student. SIS no longer relies on SSN as a unique identifier. You will see the student’s ID in the Faculty Center in several places, including class roster and on advisee data.

How can I be allowed to see my missing advisees?

If you have more than 10 advisees, you will have to click on the View All button on the top line of the advisee table and all of your advisees should appear. If not, contact the following offices so that student records can be updated to show you as the advisor of record.






Office of Undergraduate Studies


Graduate Studies

Office of Graduate Studies


Management (grad/prof)

Weatherhead School of Management Academic Affairs


Nursing (grad/prof)

Nursing School Registrar



MSASS School Registrar



I am unable to view my advisee's transcript. After I enter the report type and click "view report," it says "processing," but nothing happens. How can I view the transcript?

It is likely that your browser's pop-up blocker is preventing the transcript from opening. Here are some things to try if you're using Internet Explorer:

  • Go to Tools, Internet Options, and choose the Privacy tab. Under Pop-up Blocker, click Settings and add to the Allowed Sites area
  • On the Security tab, click on the Custom Level button and scroll down to teh Download section. Find Automatic prompting for file downloads and choose "Enable."

For other browsers, see Pop-up Blocker help.

Are course prerequisites enforced?

Yes, if the department has designated prerequisites as enforced, the student system will prevent registration unless course prerequisites have been met. Instructors have the capability to individually grant permission for prerequisites on a student by student basis. For detailed instructions, see Reviewing Permission Requests.

How do I grant permissions for my section of a course?

On the Permission Requests tab in your Faculty Center, you will see all of the requests from students to you for permission to register in (or in some cases drop) a class you teach. On the Permission tab, you will see the type of permission requested (e.g. Closed Class or Requisites Not Met). To select a student, click on his/her checkbox in the Select column. Click the Grant button to allow the student to add or drop the class or click the Deny button to refuse the student's request to add or drop the class. For more detailed instructions, see Reviewing Permission Requests.

Do we have to enter grades on Blackboard for the students to be able to see their final grades?

At this time, final grades from SIS will be available for students to view from their student centers. In future phases of the project, we would like to be able to make grades also viewable from Blackboard.

How can administrative personnel gain access to view student information?

Administrative personnel can request access to the Departmental Admin Center by submitting the SIS Security Request Form.

When a student puts a class in his Shopping Cart, does it hold a slot for the student in the class?

No, it does not. Nor does it place the student on the instructors class roster.

Will the system allow a student to register now for a fall course when the student will be taking it's prerequisite this summer?

Yes, as long as the student registers first for the course that is the prerequisite. For example, the student would need to register for MATH 123 for summer before registering for MATH 124 for fall.

Is there a way for me to get an electronic copy of my Class Roster and/or Grade Roster?

Yes. On both your Class Roster and Grade Roster, there is an icon (a grid with an arrow) on the right-hand side of the page that allows you to download your Roster to Microsoft Excel.

I am unable to download my Class Roster. When I click the grid icon nothing happens. How can I download this?

Press and hold the CTRL key. Click on the grid icon again and continue to hold the CTRL key while your file downloads.

I am unable to print all the pages of my Class Roster with pictures. Is this possible?

Yes. On your roster, set the display option to "Include photos in list", then click "view all". For Internet Explorer, highlight or select your entire roster and under the Print option choose Print Preview. At the top of the screen, you should have the option "Only the selected frame" or "As selected on screen". Either option should allow you to print your roster with pictures in its entirety.

When I save the grades I've entered on my grade roster and then click return, I get a message that I have unsaved data. Do I need to reenter the grades?

No. As long as you haven't made any changes since clicking the save button, your grades are saved.


Advising Holds

How do I release an advising hold?

For detailed instructions, see Releasing an Advising Hold.

Can I release an advising hold for a student to register for the summer term, but not fall?

No. One hold is in place for both summer and fall and releasing that hold allows the student to register for both terms. Students select the term for which they are registering once they login to the system.

How do I restore an advising hold?

Advisors may request that holds be restored by sending a message to If possible, the request should contain the student's name and student ID.

Is the hold placement process automated?

Yes. Twice a year, there is a batch process that runs prior to registration that automatically places advising holds on students eligible to register for the upcoming term(s).

I advise a student with two majors. Is there a separate advising hold for each major?

No, there is only one advising hold per student regardless of the number of majors, degrees or careers the student may have.

How can a department designate or representative receive access to release holds or grant course permissions?

See "How can administrative personnel gain access to view student information?" above for details.



How do I change a grade that I just approved?

If your final grades have not posted yet, they can still be updated. Grade rosters have posted to the student’s accounts if you see values listed in the official grade column on your final grade roster. If the official grade column is still blank, please change the grade roster approval status back to “Not Reviewed” and make the edits needed. Please be sure to change the grade roster status back to “Approved” once the edits are completed.

If the grade roster has posted, then please complete the appropriate grade change procedure in place for your school. If you need assistance with the grade change procedure, please feel free to contact the University Registrar’s Office.

How do I change a grade after it has been posted?

Changes to grades other than Incompletes require grade change cards. Please contact the University Registrar's Office for more info.

What is the difference between ”Ready for Review” and “Approved”?

“Ready for Review” is a grade roster status intended for when a grading proxy or teaching assistant (TA) has entered grades. This status is how the grading proxy or TA signals to the primary instructor, that the grade roster is ready for the instructor to review the grades and approve them. If you are the primary instructor of the course and you have entered grades, or have reviewed grades entered for you, please be sure to always select the “Approved” status. Only grade rosters with an approved status will post to the students’ records.

Do I have to enter all the grades before approving a grade roster?

No. You are able to enter and approve a group at one time as needed and return to the roster at a later date to enter the remaining grades. To enter any remaining grades, please change the grade roster approval status back to “Not Reviewed” and enter the missing grades. Please be sure to change the grade roster status back to “Approved” once the edits are completed.

There is someone on my grade roster that is not my student or someone is missing from my grade roster. Who should I contact?

Please contact the appropriate School, or Undergraduate Studies or Graduate Studies Office that the student in question belongs to. If you need assistance locating the correct person to contact, please feel free to contact the University Registrar’s Office.

How do I change an Incomplete from a previous semester?

If the grade listed in SIS is an I (Incomplete) and the course for which the I grade was issued concluded less than 1 year ago, the I grade can be changed in SIS. For instructions on how to change an Incomplete grade in SIS, please click here. If the Incomplete grade has already changed to a letter grade, please complete the appropriate grade change procedure in place for your school. If you need assistance with the grade change procedure, please feel free to contact the University Registrar’s Office.

I do not see a grade roster generated yet for my course. Who should I contact?

If you need to enter a grade before a grade roster has been generated, please email the University Registrar's Office. Please include the term, subject and class number that the grade roster is needed for in your email.