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Academic Plans

This is a list of all academic plans in SIS at CWRU. It does not imply that the program is currently available as a major. Some of these codes are for concentrations, minors and for majors no longer offered. It is necessary to maintain this table in its entirety for purposes of maintaining historical records.

Academic PlanDescription
ACC-BS Accounting (BS)
ACC-INT Accounting (Int)
ACC-MACC Accountancy
ACC-MACC-A Accountancy (Accel BS)
ACC-MACC-J Accountancy (Joint BS)
ACC-MIN Accounting (Min)
ACC-MSM MSM in Accounting
ACL-MBA Accelerated MBA
ACL-MBA-P Accelerated MBA - PT
ACL-MSF Accelerated MSM in Finance
ACS-MBA Accelerated Saturday MBA
AIN-MIN Artificial Intelligence (Min)
AMS-BA American Studies (BA-2nd Maj)
AMS-INT American Studies (Int)
AMS-MA-A American Studies (MA-A)
AMS-MIN American Studies (Min)
ANA-MS-AT Anatomy (MS-AT)
ANA-MS-BT Anatomy (MS-BT)
ANA-PHD Anatomy (PhD)
ANE-MS-B Anesthesiology (MS-B)
ANP-MS-A Applied Anatomy (MS-A)
ANP-MS-AT Applied Anatomy (MS-AT)
ANP-MS-B Applied Anatomy (MS-B)
ANP-MS-BT Applied Anatomy (MS-BT)
ANT-BA Anthropology (BA)
ANT-INT Anthropology (Int)
ANT-MA-A Anthropology (MA-A)
ANT-MA-AT Anthropology (MA-AT)
ANT-MA-B Anthropology (MA-B)
ANT-MA-BT Anthropology (MA-BT)
ANT-MIN Anthropology (Min)
ANT-PHD Anthropology (PhD)
AOP-CT Adult Onco/Palliative Care NP
AOP-MSN Adult Onco/Palliative Care NP
APM-BS Applied Mathematics (BS)
APM-INT Applied Mathematics (Int)
APM-MS-A Applied Mathematics (MS-A)
APM-MS-AT Applied Mathematics (MS-AT)
APM-MS-B Applied Mathematics (MS-B)
APM-MS-BT Applied Mathematics (MS-BT)
APM-PHD Applied Mathematics (PhD)
APY-BS Applied Physics (BS)
ARE-BS Art Education (BS)
ARE-INT Art Education (Int)
ARE-MA-A Art Education (MA-A)
ARE-MA-B Art Education (MA-B)
ARH-BA Art History (BA)
ARH-INT Art History (Int)
ARH-MA-B Art History (MA-B)
ARH-MA-BT Art History (MA-BT)
ARH-MIN Art History (Min)
ARH-PHD Art History (PhD)
ARM-MA-B Art Hsty & Museum Stds (MA-B)
ARM-MA-BT Art Hsty & Museum Stds (MA-BT)
ARM-PHD Art Hsty & Museum Stds (PhD)
ARS-MIN Art Studio (Min)
ASI-BA Asian Studies (BA)
ASI-INT Asian Studies (Int)
ASI-MIN Asian Studies (Min)
ASI2-BA Asian Studies (BA-2nd Maj)
AST-BA Astronomy (BA)
AST-BS Astronomy (BS)
AST-INT Astronomy (Int)
AST-MIN Astronomy (Min)
AST-MS-A Astronomy (MS-A)
AST-MS-AT Astronomy (MS-AT)
AST-MS-B Astronomy (MS-B)
AST-MS-BT Astronomy (MS-BT)
AST-PHD Astronomy (PhD)
BAF-MIN Banking and Finance (Min)
BCH-BA Biochemistry (BA)
BCH-BS Biochemistry (BS)
BCH-INT Biochemistry (Int)
BCH-MIN Biochemistry (Min)
BCH-MS-A Biochemistry (MS-A)
BCH-MS-AT Biochemistry (MS-AT)
BCH-MS-B Biochemistry (MS-B)
BCH-MS-BT Biochemistry (MS-BT)
BCH-PHD Biochemistry (PhD)
BET-MA-B Bioethics (MA-B)
BET-MA-BT Bioethics (MA-BT)
BET-PHD Bioethics (PhD)
BIM-MS Biometry (MS)
BIM-PHD Biometry (PhD)
BIO-BA Biology (BA)
BIO-BS Biology (BS)
BIO-INT Biology (Int)
BIO-MIN Biology (Min)
BIO-MS-A Biology (MS-A)
BIO-MS-AT Biology (MS-AT)
BIO-MS-B Biology (MS-B)
BIO-MS-BT Biology (MS-BT)
BIO-PHD Biology (PhD)
BRS-MS-A Biochemical Research (MS-A)
BRS-MS-B Biochemical Research (MS-B)
BUS-MIN Business Management (Min)
BUSANA-MSM MSM in Business Analytics
CBI-MS-AT Cell Biology (MS-AT)
CBI-MS-BT Cell Biology (MS-BT)
CBI-PHD Cell Biology (PhD)
CCF-MBA-P Cleveland Clinic Empl MBA - PT
CCM-MD Medicine
CCN-MSN Critical Care Nursing
CGL-MA-A Cognitive Linguistics (MA-A)
CHB-BA Chemical Biology (BA)
CHB-INT Chemical Biology (Int)
CHE-BA Chemistry (BA)
CHE-BS Chemistry (BS)
CHE-INT Chemistry (Int)
CHE-MIN Chemistry (Min)
CHE-MS-A Chemistry (MS-A)
CHE-MS-AT Chemistry (MS-AT)
CHE-MS-B Chemistry (MS-B)
CHE-MS-BT Chemistry (MS-BT)
CHE-PHD Chemistry (PhD)
CHI-MIN Chinese (Min)
CHN-CT Community Health Nursing
CHN-MSN Community Health Nursing
CHS-MIN Childhood Studies (Min)
CIS-MS-A Computing & Info Sci (MS-A)
CIS-MS-AT Computing & Info Sci (MS-AT)
CIS-MS-B Computing & Info Sci (MS-B)
CIS-MS-BT Computing & Info Sci (MS-BT)
CIS-PHD Computing & Info Science (PhD)
CLS-BA Classics (BA)
CLS-INT Classics (Int)
CLS-MIN Classics (Min)
CMP-BA Computer Science (BA)
CMP-BS Computer Science (BS)
CMP-INT Computer Science (Int)
CMP-MIN Computer Science (Min)
CNM-CT Certificate in Nonprofit Mgmt
CNMS-CT Certificate in Nonprofit Mgmt
COG-BA Cognitive Science (BA)
COG-INT Cognitive Science (Int)
COG-MIN Cognitive Science (Min)
COS-BA Communication Sciences (BA)
COS-INT Communication Sciences (Int)
COS-MA-A Communication Sciences (MA-A)
COS-MA-AT Communication Sciences (MA-AT)
COS-MA-B Communication Sciences (MA-B)
COS-MA-BT Communication Sciences (MA-BT)
COS-MIN Communication Sciences (Min)
COS-PHD Communication Sciences (PhD)
CPG-MIN Computer Gaming (Min)
CRS-MS-A Clinical Research (MS-A)
CRS-MS-B Clinical Research (MS-B)
CRW-MIN Creative Writing (Min)
CTS-PHD Clinicl Translational Sci(PhD)
DAE-CT Advanced Education in Gen Dent
DAE-CT2 Advanced Education in Gen Dent
DAM-BA Dean's Approved Major (BA)
DAM-BS Dean's Approved Major (BS)
DAM-BSM Dean's Approved Major (BSM)
DAM-MIN Dean's Approved Minor (Min)
DCS-CT Cranfac Surg & Spec Care Orth
DED-CT Endodontics
DED-MSD Endodontics
DEN-DDS Doctor of Dental Surgery
DEN-DMD Doctor of Dental Medicine
DEN-DMD5 Doctor of Dental Medicine 5 yr
DEN-DMDAS Doctor of Dental Medicine
DEN-DMDF Doctor of Dental Medicine Fac
DEN-DMDMD Doctor of Dental Medicine
DES-CT Design, Innov & IP Mgmt (Cert)
DNC-BA Dance (BA)
DNC-INT Dance (Int)
DNC-MA-A Contemporary Dance (MA-A)
DNC-MA-AT Contemporary Dance (MA-AT)
DNC-MA-B Contemporary Dance (MA-B)
DNC-MA-BT Contemporary Dance (MA-BT)
DNC-MFA-A Contemporary Dance (MFA-A)
DNC-MFA-B Contemporary Dance (MFA-B)
DNC-MIN Dance (Minor)
DOL-CT Oral Medicine
DOL-MSD Oral Medicine
DOM-CT Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
DOM-MBA Domestic Dual Degree MBA
DOR-CT Othodontics
DOR-MSD Orthodontics
DPD-CT Pediatric Dent Post-Prof
DPD-MSD Pediatric Dentistry
DPE-CT Periodontics
DPE-MSD Periodontics
DPH-CT Dental Public Health
EAP-BS Electrical Engineering (BS)
EAP-BSE Electrical Engineering (BSE)
EAP-BSE-D Electrical Engineering (BSE)
EAP-INT Electrical Engineering (Int)
EAP-MIN Electrical Engineering (Min)
EAP-MS-A Electrical Engineering (MS-A)
EAP-MS-AT Electrical Engineering (MS-AT)
EAP-MS-B Electrical Engineering (MS-B)
EAP-MS-BT Electrical Engineering (MS-BT)
EAP-PHD Electrical Engineering (PhD)
EAR-BSE Aerospace Engineering (BSE)
EAR-BSE-D Aerospace Engineering (BSE)
EAR-INT Aerospace Engineering (Int)
EAR-MS-A Aerospace Engineering (MS-A)
EAR-MS-A2 Aerospace Engr (MS-A 2d Maj)
EAR-MS-AT Aerospace Engineering (MS-AT)
EAR-MS-B Aerospace Engineering (MS-B)
EAR-MS-B2 Aerospace Engr (MS-B 2d Maj)
EAR-MS-BT Aerospace Engineering (MS-BT)
EAR-PHD Aerospace Engineering (PhD)
EBA-MBA Executive MBA
EBA-MBA-CC Executive MBA Cleveland Clinic
EBI-BSE Biomedical Engineering (BSE)
EBI-BSE-D Biomedical Engineering (BSE)
EBI-INT Biomedical Engineering (Int)
EBI-MIN Biomedical Engineering (Min)
EBI-MS-A Biomedical Engineering (MS-A)
EBI-MS-AT Biomedical Engineering (MS-AT)
EBI-MS-B Biomedical Engineering (MS-B)
EBI-MS-BT Biomedical Engineering (MS-BT)
EBI-PHD Biomedical Engineering (PhD)
EBIV-MS-B Biomedical Engineering (MS-B)
ECE-BSE Chemical Engineering (BSE)
ECE-BSE-D Chemical Engineering (BSE)
ECE-INT Chemical Engineering (Int)
ECE-MIN Chemical Engineering (Min)
ECE-MS-A Chemical Engineering (MS-A)
ECE-MS-AT Chemical Engineering (MS-AT)
ECE-MS-B Chemical Engineering (MS-B)
ECE-MS-BT Chemical Engineering (MS-BT)
ECE-PHD Chemical Engineering (PhD)
ECI-BSE Civil Engineering (BSE)
ECI-BSE-D Civil Engineering (BSE)
ECI-INT Civil Engineering (Int)
ECI-MIN Civil Engineering (Min)
ECI-MS-A Civil Engineering (MS-A)
ECI-MS-AT Civil Engineering (MS-AT)
ECI-MS-B Civil Engineering (MS-B)
ECI-MS-BT Civil Engineering (MS-BT)
ECI-PHD Civil Engineering (PhD)
ECIV-MS-B Civil Engineering (MS-B)
ECM-BSE Computer Engineering (BSE)
ECM-BSE-D Computer Engineering (BSE)
ECM-INT Computer Engineering (Int)
ECM-MIN Computer Engineering (Min)
ECM-MS-A Computer Engineering (MS-A)
ECM-MS-AT Computer Engineering (MS-AT)
ECM-MS-B Computer Engineering (MS-B)
ECM-MS-BT Computer Engineering (MS-BT)
ECM-PHD Computer Engineering (PhD)
ECO-BA Economics (BA)
ECO-INT Economics (Int)
ECO-MA Economics (MA-B)
ECO-MIN Economics (Min)
EDT-BA Teacher Education (BA-2nd Maj)
EDT-INT Teacher Eduction (Int)
EDU-MA-A Education (MA-A)
EEP-MS Elec Engr & Appl Physics (MS)
EEP-MS-T Elec Engr & Appl Physics (MS-T)
EEP-PHD Elec Engr & Appl Physics (PhD)
EFT-MS-A Fluid & Thermal Science (MS-A)
EFT-MS-AT Fluid & Thermal Sci (MS-AT)
EFT-MS-B Fluid & Thermal Science (MS-B)
EFT-MS-BT Fluid & Thermal Sci (MS-BT)
EFT-PHD Fluid & Thermal Science (PhD)
EGL-BA English (BA)
EGL-INT English (Int)
EGL-MA-A English (MA-A)
EGL-MA-AT English (MA-AT)
EGL-MA-B English (MA-B)
EGL-MA-BT English (MA-BT)
EGL-MIN English (Min)
EGL-PHD English (PhD)
EGR-BSE Engineering - undesig (BSE)
EGR-INT Engineering (Int)
EGR-MS-A Engineering (MS-A)
EGR-MS-B Engineering (MS-B)
ELN-MIN Electronics (Min)
EMA-MS-A Macromolecular Science (MS-A)
EMA-MS-AT Macromolecular Science (MS-AT)
EMA-MS-B Macromolecular Science (MS-B)
EMA-MS-BT Macromolecular Science (MS-BT)
EMA-PHD Macromolecular Science (PhD)
EMC-BSE Mechanical Engineering (BSE)
EMC-BSE-D Mechanical Engineering (BSE)
EMC-INT Mechanical Engineering (Int)
EMC-MS-A Mechanical Engineering (MS-A)
EMC-MS-AT Mechanical Engineering (MS-AT)
EMC-MS-B Mechanical Engineering (MS-B)
EMC-MS-BT Mechanical Engineering (MS-BT)
EMC-PHD Mechanical Engineering (PhD)
EMCV-MS-B Mechanical Engineering (MS-B)
EMS-BSE Materials Science & Engr (BSE)
EMS-BSE-D Materials Science & Engr (BSE)
EMS-INT Materials Science & Engr (Int)
EMS-MIN Materials Science & Engr (Min)
EMS-MS-A Materials Sci & Engr (MS-A)
EMS-MS-AT Materials Sci & Engr (MS-AT)
EMS-MS-B Materials Sci & Engr (MS-B)
EMS-MS-BT Materials Sci & Engr (MS-BT)
EMS-PHD Materials Science & Engr (PhD)
ENT-MIN Entrepreneurial Studies (Min)
EPB-MD Epidemiology and Biostatistics
EPB-MS-A Epidemiology & Biostats (MS-A)
EPB-MS-AT Epidemiolgy & Biostats (MS-AT)
EPB-MS-B Epidemiology & Biostats (MS-B)
EPB-MS-BT Epidemiolgy & Biostats (MS-BT)
EPB-PHD Epidemiology & Biostats (PhD)
EPH-BSE Engineering Physics (BSE)
EPH-BSE-D Engineering Physics (BSE)
EPH-INT Engineering Physics (Int)
ESC-PHD Systems Ctrl & Industrial Engr
EST-BA Environmentl Stds (BA-2nd Maj)
EST-INT Environmental Studies (Int)
EST-MIN Environmental Studies (Min)
ESY-BSE Systems & Control Engr (BSE)
ESY-BSE-D Systems & Control Engr (BSE)
ESY-INT Systems & Control Engr (Int)
ESY-MIN Systems & Control Engr (Min)
ESY-MS-A Systems & Control Engr (MS-A)
ESY-MS-AT Systems & Control Engr (MS-AT)
ESY-MS-B Systems & Control Engr (MS-B)
ESY-MS-BT Systems & Control Engr (MS-BT)
ESY-PHD Systems & Control Engr (PhD)
ESYV-MS-B Systems & Control Engr (MS-B)
ETC-MIN Ethics (Min)
ETS-MIN Ethnic Studies (Min)
EVB-BA Evolutionary Biol (BA-2nd Maj)
EVB-INT Evolutionary Biology (Int)
EVB-MIN Evolutionary Biology (Min)
EVH-MS-A Environmental Hlth Sci (MS-A)
EVH-MS-AT Environmental Hlth Sci (MS-AT)
EVH-MS-B Environmental Hlth Sci (MS-B)
EVH-MS-BT Environmental Hlth Sci (MS-BT)
EVH-PHD Environmental Hlth Sci (PhD)
EXEC-MNO Exec Master of Nonprofit Org
FAM-MS-A Family Medicine
FFS-BA French & Francophone Stds (BA)
FFS-INT French & Francophone Std (Int)
FFS-MIN French & Francophone Std (Min)
FIN-BSM Finance (BSM)
FIN-INT Finance (Int)
FLM-MIN Film Studies (Min)
FRC-BA French (BA)
FRC-INT French (Int)
FRC-MA-A French (MA-A)
FRC-MA-B French (MA-B)
FRC-MIN French (Min)
GEM-BA German (BA)
GEM-INT German (Int)
GEM-MIN German (Min)
GEN-MS-A Genetics (MS-A)
GEN-MS-AT Genetics (MS-AT)
GEN-MS-B Genetics (MS-B)
GEN-MS-BT Genetics (MS-BT)
GEN-PHD Genetics (PhD)
GEN-SJD General Juridical Science
GEO-BA Geological Sciences (BA)
GEO-BS Geological Sciences (BS)
GEO-INT Geological Sciences (Int)
GEO-MIN Geological Sciences (Min)
GEO-MS-A Geological Sciences (MS-A)
GEO-MS-AT Geological Sciences (MS-AT)
GEO-MS-B Geological Sciences (MS-B)
GEO-MS-BT Geological Sciences (MS-BT)
GEO-PHD Geological Sciences (PhD)
GER-BA Gerontologic Stds (BA-2nd Maj)
GER-INT Gerontological Studies (Int)
GER-MIN Gerontological Studies (Min)
GES-BA German Studies (BA)
GES-INT German Studies (Int)
GES-MIN German Studies (Min)
GLOACL-MBA Accelerated Global MBA
GMH-MSN Geriatric Mental Health Nurs
GNC-MS-A Genetic Counseling (MS-A)
GNC-MS-B Genetic Counseling (MS-B)
GNV-BA Environmental Geology (BA)
GNV-INT Environmental Geology (Int)
GRT-MSN Gerontological Nursing
HCO-MIN Health Communication (Min)
HLTHC-MSM MSM in Healthcare
HSP-BA Hsty & Philosophy of Sci (BA)
HSP-INT Hsty & Philosophy of Sci (Int)
HSP-MIN Hsty & Philosophy of Sci (Min)
HSS-MIN Hist of Technology & Sci (Min)
HST-BA History (BA)
HST-INT History (Int)
HST-MA-A History (MA-A)
HST-MA-AT History (MA-AT)
HST-MA-B History (MA-B)
HST-MIN History (Min)
HST-PHD History (PhD)
IBL-LLM International Business Law
IBLV-LLM International Business Law (V)
IBM-PHD Integrated Biomedical Sciences
IBMANA-PHD Anatomy (PhD)
IBMANP-MSA Applied Anatomy (MS-AT)
IBMANP-MSB Applied Anatomy (MS-BT)
IBMBCH-MSA Biochemistry (MS-AT)
IBMBCH-MSB Biochemistry (MS-BT)
IBMBCH-PHD Biochemistry (PhD)
IBMBIO-PHD Biology (PhD)
IBMCBI-MSA Cell Biology (MS-AT)
IBMCBI-MSB Cell Biology (MS-BT)
IBMCBI-PHD Cell Biology (PhD)
IBMEVH-MSA Environmental Hlth Sci (MS-AT)
IBMEVH-MSB Environmental Hlth Sci (MS-BT)
IBMEVH-PHD Environmental Health Sci (PhD)
IBMGEN-PHD Genetics (PhD)
IBMMBO-MSA Moleclr Bio & Microbio (MS-AT)
IBMMBO-MSB Moleclr Bio & Microbio (MS-BT)
IBMMBO-PHD Moleclr Bio & Microbio (PhD)
IBMMVR-MSA Molecular Virology (MS-AT)
IBMMVR-MSB Molecular Virology (MS-BT)
IBMMVR-PHD Molecular Virology (PhD)
IBMNEB-MSA Neurosci & Bioengr (MS-AT)
IBMNEB-MSB Neurosci & Bioengr (MS-BT)
IBMNEB-PHD Neurosci & Bioengineerng (PhD)
IBMNEU-MSA Neurosciences (MS-AT)
IBMNEU-MSB Neurosciences (MS-BT)
IBMNEU-PHD Neurosciences (PhD)
IBMNTR-MSA Nutrition (MS-AT)
IBMNTR-MSB Nutrition (MS-BT)
IBMNTR-PHD Nutrition (PhD)
IBMPAT-MSA Pathology (MS-AT)
IBMPAT-MSB Pathology (MS-BT)
IBMPAT-PHD Pathology (PhD)
IBMPHR-MSA Pharmacology (MS-AT)
IBMPHR-MSB Pharmacology (MS-BT)
IBMPHR-PHD Pharmacology (PhD)
IBMSBB-PHD Systems Bio & Bioinfrm (PhD)
ICL-LLM International Criminal Law
IFT-MBA International Dual Degree MBA
IFT-MSM International Dual Degree MSM
IP-LLM Intellectual Property
IST-BA International Studies (BA)
IST-INT International Studies (Int)
ITL-MIN Italian (Min)
JDS-MIN Judaic Studies (Min)
JPN-MIN Japanese (Min)
JPS-BA Japanese Studies (BA)
JPS-INT Japanese Studies (Int)
LDR-MIN Leadership (Min)
LIB-MSLS Library Science
LLS-LLM US & Global Legal Studies
LOS-MSM MSM with Ldrshp, Org, Strtgy
MAP-BS Mathematics and Physics (BS)
MAP-INT Mathematics and Physics (Int)
MAT-BA Mathematics (BA)
MAT-BS Mathematics (BS)
MAT-INT Mathematics (Int)
MAT-MIN Mathematics (Min)
MAT-MS-A Mathematics (MS-A)
MAT-MS-AT Mathematics (MS-AT)
MAT-MS-B Mathematics (MS-B)
MAT-MS-BT Mathematics (MS-BT)
MAT-PHD Mathematics (PhD)
MBO-MS-A Moleclr Biol & Microbio (MS-A)
MBO-MS-AT Moleclr Bio & Microbio (MS-AT)
MBO-MS-B Moleclr Biol & Microbio (MS-B)
MBO-MS-BT Moleclr Bio & Microbio (MS-BT)
MBO-PHD Molecular Bio & Microbio (PhD)
MDM-MIN Mech Design & Manufac (Min)
MDP-MS-A Medical Physiology (MS-A)
MDP-MS-B Medical Physiology (MS-B)
MDPV-MS-B  Medical Physiology (MS-B)
MED-MD Medicine
MEM-MEM Master of Engineering & Mgmt
MGT-BS Management (BS)
MGT-DM Doctor of Management
MGT-EDM Executive Doctor of Management
MGT-INT Management (Int)
MGT-MIN Management (Min)
MGT-MS-AT Management (MS-AT)
MGT-MS-BT Management (MS-BT)
MGT-MSM MSM with Liberal Arts Backgrnd
MGT-PHD Management (PhD)
MID-MIN Management Info Systems (Min)
MIS-MSM Information Systems
MKR-BSM Marketing (BSM)
MKR-INT Marketing (Int)
MKR-MIN Marketing (Min)
MKR-MSM MSM in Marketing
MME-MS-BT Molecular Medicine (MS-BT)
MME-PHD Molecular Medicine (PhD)
MPD-MS Positive Organizational Devel
MPD-MS-IN Positive Organiztnl Dev-India
MPH-MPH-A Public Health (MPH-A)
MPH-MPH-B Public Health (MPH-B)
MSF-MSM MSM in Finance
MSF-MSM-IN MSM in Finance (Integrated)
MSF1-MSM MSM in Finance
MSF2-MSM MSM in Finance
MSFCA-MSM Accel MSM Finance in China
MSN-DNP Master of Science in Nurs DNP
MSO-MSM Operations Research
MSR-CT Medical-Surgical Nursing
MSR-MSN Medical-Surgical Nursing
MSS-MSM Supply Chain
MST-MD Medical Scientist Training Prg
MST-PHD Medical Scientist Training Prg
MSTBCH-PHD Biochemistry (PhD)
MSTBIO-PHD Biology (PhD)
MSTCBI-PHD Cell Biology (PhD)
MSTCHE-PHD Chemistry (PhD)
MSTEAR-PHD Aerospace Engineering (PhD)
MSTEBI-PHD Biomedical Engineering (PhD)
MSTEMC-PHD Mechanical Engineering (PhD)
MSTEPB-PHD Epid & Biophs: Gen & Molc (PhD
MSTGEN-PHD Gen: Molec Dev & Humn Gen (PhD
MSTMBO-PHD Moleculr Biol & Microbiol (PhD
MSTMVR-PHD Molecular Virology (PhD)
MSTNEU-PHD Neurosciences (PhD)
MSTNTR-PHD Nutrition (PhD)
MSTPAT-PHD Pathology (PhD)
MSTPHO-PHD Physiology & Biophysics (PhD)
MSTPHR-PHD Pharmacology (PhD)
MSTSBB-PHD Systems Bio & Bioinfrm (PhD)
MTR-MSN Maternity Nursing
MUC-PHD Musicology
MUE-BS Music Education (BS)
MUE-INT Music Education (Int)
MUE-MA-A Music Education (MA-A)
MUE-MA-AT Music Education (MA-AT)
MUE-MA-B Music Education (MA-B)
MUE-MA-BT Music Education (MA-BT)
MUE-PHD Music Education (PhD)
MUH-MA-A Music History (MA-A)
MUH-MA-B Music History (MA-B)
MUP-DMA Histrcl Perform Practice (DMA)
MUP-MA-A Histrcl Perfrm Practice (MA-A)
MUP-MA-AT Histrcl Perfrm Practice(MA-AT)
MUP-MA-B Histrcl Perfrm Practice (MA-B)
MUP-MA-BT Histrcl Perfrm Practice(MA-BT)
MUS-BA Music (BA)
MUS-INT Music (Int)
MUS-MIN Music (Min)
MVR-MS-AT Molecular Virology (MS-AT)
MVR-MS-BT Molecular Virology (MS-BT)
MVR-PHD Molecular Virology (PhD)
NAA-CT Acute Care Nurse Prac/Adult
NAA-MSN Acute Care Nurse Prac/Adult
NAC-CT Acute Care Nurse Practitioner
NAC-MSN Acute Care Nurse Practitioner
NAD-MSN Nursing Administration
NAF-CT Acute Care Nurse Prac/Flight
NAF-MSN Acute Care Nurse Prac/Flight
NAG-CT Adult-Geriatric Nurse Pract
NAG-MSN Adult-Geriatric Nurse Pract
NAP-CT Acute Care Nurse Prac/Peds
NAP-MSN Acute Care Nurse Prac/Peds
NAT-BA Natural Sciences (BA-2nd Maj)
NAT-INT Natural Sciences (Int)
NAT-MIN Natural Sciences (Min)
NBM-BA Nutrit Biochem & Metablsm (BA)
NBM-BS Nutrit Biochem & Metablsm (BS)
NBM-INT Nutrit Biochem & Metabol (Int)
NCC-MSN Nursing Care of Children
NCL-DNP Clinical Leadership
NCV-CT Cardiovascular Nursing
NEL-DNP Educational Leadership
NEU-MS-A Neurosciences (MS-A)
NEU-MS-AT Neurosciences (MS-AT)
NEU-MS-B Neurosciences (MS-B)
NEU-MS-BT Neurosciences (MS-BT)
NEU-PHD Neurosciences (PhD)
NIM-CT Nursing Informatics
NIM-MSN Nursing Informatics
NON-CIM Cleve Institute of Music
NON-CMT Cleve Municipal SD Teacher
NON-CRF Clinic Research Fellows
NON-CRR NOCHE Cross Registration
NON-DAP Dental Assisting Program
NON-DED Endodontics
NON-DEN Dental Six Year Program
NON-DENT Nondegree Non-DENT Courses DMD
NON-DENTND Nondegree Non-DENT Crs Non-DMD
NON-DENTPD Nondegree Dental Post-Doctoral
NON-DNP Nursing Pre-DNP
NON-DNT Dental Medicine Nondegree
NON-DOL Oral Medicine
NON-DOM Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
NON-DOR Orthodontics
NON-DPD Pediatric Dentistry
NON-DPE Periodontics
NON-DPH Dental Public Health
NON-DRD Restorative Dentistry
NON-EF Expanded Function Dental Aux
NON-EXC Undergrad Exchange Student
NON-EXCH Management Nondegree Exchange
NON-FEL Nondegree Grad Stds Fellowship
NON-GCCM Grad Nondegree - CCLCM
NON-GCCMSA Lerner College Special Auditor
NON-GLO Global MBA Intl Students
NON-GRAD Nondegree Non-GRAD Courses
NON-GRD Graduate Studies Nondegree
NON-GRS Nondegree Grad Studies
NON-HHG Howard Hughes Grant Teacher
NON-JD Nondegree JD
NON-LAW Nondegree Non-LAW Courses JD
NON-LAWLLM Nondegree Non-LAW Courses LLM
NON-LLM Nondegree LLM
NON-MACC Nondegree MAcc Visitors
NON-MDC Mandel Center Nondegree
NON-MDV Medical School Visitors
NON-MED Nondegree Non-MED Courses
NON-MGMT Nondegree Non-MGMT Courses
NON-MGT Management Nondegree
NON-MGV Nondegree MGMT Visitors
NON-MSN Nursing Pre-MSN
NON-MSTP MSTP & Grad Partnership Prog
NON-NUR Nondegree Non-NURS Courses
NON-NUT Nagaoka Univ of Tech Exch
NON-PCS Pre-College Scholar
NON-PDC Post Doctoral Auditor
NON-PFP Professional Fellows Program
NON-PMC Post-Masters with Case MBA
NON-PMMN Post Masters with Case MNO
NON-PMNC Post Masters with non-Case MBA
NON-SA Alumni/Senior Auditor Undergrd
NON-SAS Nondegree SASS
NON-SASS Nondegree Non-SASS Courses
NON-SAT Management Saturday Nondegree
NON-SEN Senior Auditor
NON-SGES SAGES Presidential Fellow
NON-SP Special Auditor Undergrad
NON-TRS Transient Student
NON-UGR Nondegree Undergrad Studies
NON-UGS Undergrad Studies Nondegree
NPA-CT Adult Nurse Practitioner
NPA-MSN Adult Nurse Practitioner
NPF-CT Family Nurse Practitioner
NPF-MSN Family Nurse Practitioner
NPG-CT Gerontological Nurse Prac
NPG-MSN Gerontological Nurse Prac
NPN-CT Neonatal Nurse Practitioner
NPN-MSN Neonatal Nurse Practitioner
NPP-CT Primary Care Pediatrc Nrs Prac
NPP-MSN Primary Care Pediatrc Nrs Prac
NPP-ND Pediatrc Nrs Prac
NSP-CT No Specialty
NSP-MSN No Specialty
NTR-BA Nutrition (BA)
NTR-BS Nutrition (BS)
NTR-INT Nutrition (Int)
NTR-MIN Nutrition (Min)
NTR-MS-A Nutrition (MS-A)
NTR-MS-AT Nutrition (MS-AT)
NTR-MS-B Nutrition (MS-B)
NTR-MS-BT Nutrition (MS-BT)
NTR-PHD Nutrition (PhD)
NUA-CT Nurse Anesthetist
NUA-MSN Nurse Anesthetist
NUA-CT Nursing Education
NUE-MSN Nursing Education
NUM-CT Nurse Midwifery
NUM-MSN Nurse Midwifery
NUM-ND Nurse Midwifery
NUN-DNP Grad Entry (Licensure)
NUR-BSN Nursing
NUR-INT Nursing (Int)
NUR-MN Master of Nursing
NUR-ND Nursing
NUR-PHD Nursing
ONC-MSN Oncology
OPR-CT Operations Research
OPR-MS-A Operations Research (MS-A)
OPR-MS-AT Operations Research (MS-AT)
OPR-MS-B Operations Research (MS-B)
OPR-MS-BT Operations Research (MS-BT)
OPR-PHD Operations Research (PhD)
ORB-MS-A Organizational Behavior (MS-A)
ORB-MS-AT Organizationl Behavior (MS-AT)
ORB-MS-B Organizational Behavior (MS-B)
ORB-MS-BT Organizationl Behavior (MS-BT)
ORB-PHD Organizational Behavior (PhD)
ORD-MS Organizational Dev & Analysis
ORSC-MSM Operations Rsch & Supply Chain
ORSC1-MSM Operations Rsch & Supply Chain
PAD-MSN Psyc Mntl Hlth/Nurs Admin
PAD-ND Psyc Mntl Hlth/Nurs Admin
PAR-BA Pre-architecture (BA-2nd Maj)
PAR-INT Pre-architecture (Int)
PAR-MIN Pre-architecture (Min)
PAT-MA Patent Practice (MA)
PAT-MS-A Pathology (MS-A)
PAT-MS-AT Pathology (MS-AT)
PAT-MS-B Pathology (MS-B)
PAT-MS-BT Pathology (MS-BT)
PAT-PHD Pathology (PhD)
PBH-BA Public Health Studies (BA)
PBH-INT Public Health Studies (Int)
PDN-INT Pre-Dentistry (Int)
PER-MSN Perinatal Nursing
PHI-BA Philosophy (BA)
PHI-INT Philosophy (Int)
PHI-MIN Philosophy (Min)
PHL-PRP Pre-Health
PHN-CT Public Health Nursing Advanced
PHN-MS-A Public Health Nutrition (MS-A)
PHN-MS-B Public Health Nutrition (MS-B)
PHN-MSN Public Health Nursing Advanced
PHO-PHD Physiology & Biophysics (PhD)
PHR-MS-A Pharmacology (MS-A)
PHR-MS-AT Pharmacology (MS-AT)
PHR-MS-B Pharmacology (MS-B)
PHR-MS-BT Pharmacology (MS-BT)
PHR-PHD Pharmacology (PhD)
PHS-MS-A Physiology (MS-A)
PHS-MS-AT Physiology (MS-AT)
PHS-MS-B Physiology (MS-B)
PHS-MS-BT Physiology (MS-BT)
PHY-BA Physics (BA)
PHY-BS Physics (BS)
PHY-INT Physics (Int)
PHY-MIN Physics (Min)
PHY-MS-A Physics (MS-A)
PHY-MS-AT Physics (MS-AT)
PHY-MS-B Physics (MS-B)
PHY-MS-BT Physics (MS-BT)
PHY-PHD Physics (PhD)
PLW-INT Pre-Law (Int)
PMD-INT Pre-Medicine (Int)
PMH-CT Psychiatric Mental Health Nurs
PMH-MSN Psychiatric Mental Health Nurs
PMH-ND Psychiatric Mental Health Nurs
PMP-MSN Psych-Mental Hlth Nurse Pract
POL-BSE Polymer Science & Engr (BSE)
POL-BSE-D Polymer Science & Engr (BSE)
POL-INT Polymer Science & Engr (Int)
POL-MIN Polymer Science & Engr (Min)
POM-ME Practice Oriented Master's
POM-MS Practice Oriented Master's
POMV-ME Practice Oriented Master's
POS-BA Political Science (BA)
POS-INT Political Science (Int)
POS-MA-A Political Science (MA-A)
POS-MA-AT Political Science (MA-AT)
POS-MA-B Political Science (MA-B)
POS-MA-BT Political Science (MA-BT)
POS-MIN Political Science (Min)
POS-PHD Political Science (PhD)
PPS-DEN Pre-Dental
PPS-MED Pre-Medicine
PPS-SAS Pre-Social Work
PPY-MIN Public Policy (Min)
PRN-CT Professional Nursing Cert
PSY-BA Psychology (BA)
PSY-INT Psychology (Int)
PSY-MA-A Psychology (MA-A)
PSY-MA-AT Psychology (MA-AT)
PSY-MIN Psychology (Min)
PSY-PHD Psychology (PhD)
PTC-MBA-CC Cohort MBA - PT - Clev Clinic
PTH-MSN Public Health Nursing
RLG-BA Religious Studies (BA)
RLG-INT Religious Studies (Int)
RLG-MA-A Religious Studies (MA-A)
RLG-MIN Religious Studies (Min)
RNM-MSN RN to Master's
RUS-MIN Russian (Min)
SAS-MNO Master of Nonprofit Org
SBB-MS-A Systems Bio & Bioinfrm (MS-A)
SBB-MS-AT Systems Bio & Bioinfrm (MS-AT)
SBB-MS-B Systems Bio & Bioinfrm (MS-B)
SBB-MS-BT Systems Bio & Bioinfrm (MS-BT)
SBB-PHD Systems Bio & Bioinfrm (PhD)
SICSD-MSSA Community & Social Development
SIDPR-MSSA Direct Practice
SOC-BA Sociology (BA)
SOC-INT Sociology (Int)
SOC-MA-A Sociology (MA-A)
SOC-MA-AT Sociology (MA-AT)
SOC-MA-B Sociology (MA-B)
SOC-MA-BT Sociology (MA-BT)
SOC-MIN Sociology (Min)
SOC-PHD Sociology (PhD)
SPA-BA Spanish (BA)
SPA-INT Spanish (Int)
SPA-MIN Spanish (Min)
SPC-MA Speech (MA)
SPM-MIN Sports Medicine (Min)
SRA-BA Senior Year in Absentia (BA)
SRP-BA Senior Yr in Prof Studies (BA)
SSCSD-MSSA Community & Social Development
SSDPR-MSSA Direct Practice
SST-MBA Saturday MBA
STA-BA Statistics (BA)
STA-BS Statistics (BS)
STA-INT Statistics (Int)
STA-MIN Statistics (Min)
STA-MS-A Statistics (MS-A)
STA-MS-AT Statistics (MS-AT)
STA-MS-B Statistics (MS-B)
STA-MS-BT Statistics (MS-BT)
STA-PHD Statistics (PhD)
STDPR-MSSA Direct Practice
STN-MBA Standard MBA
STN-MBA-P Standard MBA - PT
STND-MNO Master of Nonprofit Org
SVCSD-MSSA Community & Social Development
SVDPR-MSSA Direct Practice
SWK-MIN Social Work (Min)
SWS-MA-AT Social Welfare (MA-AT)
SWS-MA-BT Social Welfare (MA-BT)
SWS-PHD Social Welfare (PhD)
SYB-BS Systems Biology (BS)
SYB-INT Systems Biology (Int)
SYP-PHD Systems Physiology (PhD)
THR-BA Theater Arts (BA)
THR-INT Theater Arts (Int)
THR-MA Theater Arts (MA)
THR-MA-A Theater Arts (MA-A)
THR-MA-AT Theater Arts (MA-AT)
THR-MA-BT Theater Arts (MA-BT)
THR-MFA-A Theater Arts (MFA-A)
THR-MFA-B Theater Arts (MFA-B)
THR-MIN Theater Arts (Min)
UND-DNP Undecided
UNK-INT Unknown/Undecided (Int)
UNK-UND Undeclared Undergraduate
WHP-CT Women's Health Nurse Prac
WHP-MSN Women's Health Nurse Prac
WLT-BA World Literature (BA)
WLT-INT World Literature (Int)
WLT-MA-A World Literature (MA-A)
WLT-MA-B World Literature (MA-B)
WLT-MIN World Literature (Min)
WMN-BA Women's & Gender Studies (BA)
WMN-INT Women's & Gender Studies (Int)
WMN-MIN Women's & Gender Studies (Min)
WRH-CT Wireless Health (Cert)