Building Codes

In order to search for a class in a given building, you must use a building code. The following is a list of buildings that may appear in the Schedule of Classes and their corresponding building code. Some spaces may no longer exist but are maintained on the list for historical purposes. Click here to view the campus map.

ACH Arabica Coffee House
ADEL Adelbert Hall
ADLB Adelbert Gymnasium
ALLN Allen Memorial Library
ARTS Art Studio (corner of Murray Hill and Adelbert Rds.)
BAKE Baker Building
BEAU Beaumont Hall
BELL Bellflower House
BING Bingham Building
BRB Biomedical Research Building
BVA Brecksville's Veteran Admin. Hosp
BWC Baldwin Wallace College
CARL Carlton Courts
CCF Cleveland Clinic Foundation
CCFD Cleveland Clinic Foundation
CHM Cleveland Health Museum
CIA Cleveland Institute of Art
CIM Cleveland Institute of Music
CLPP Clapp Hall
CLRK Clark Hall
CMA Cleveland Museum of Art
CMGH Metro Health Medical Center
CMNH Cleveland Museum of Natural History
CPH Cleveland Play House
CRAW Crawford Hall
CVA Cleveland's Veteran Admin. Hosp
DGRC DeGrace Hall
DEN Denison Band Room
DOA Dental School
DVLY Dively Building
ELDR Eldred Theatre
EMER Emerson Physical Education Center
FGFM Fairview Gen. Hosp. - Fam. Med
FINN Finnigan Field
FMCL Free Medical Center of Cleveland
FRIB Fribley Commons
GLEN Glennan Building
GUIL Guilford House
GUND Gund Hall (Law School)
GVAH Glenville Health Association
HARK Harkness Chapel Classroom
HFH Henry Ford Hospital
HNHC Hough Norwood Health Center
HRAM Huron Road Hospital - Ambul. Med.
HSPC Hearing and Speech Center
HYDN Hayden Hall
JCU John Carroll University
KHSM Kent Hale Smith Building
MANDC Mandel Center
MCCT Metro Clement Center
MEDS School of Medicine
MEH Meridia Euclid Hospital
MHMC Metro Health Medical Center
MHRH Meridia Huron Road Hospital
MRLY Morley Chemistry Lab
MSASS Mandel School of Applied Social Science
MSH Meridia Suburban Hospital
MSLT Mistletoe Courts
MTHD Mather Dance Studio
MTHH Mather House
MTHM Mather Memorial Building
MTSI Mt. Sinai Hospital
NOA Health Science Center (Nursing and Dental Schools)
NOB Health Science Center
NORD Nord Hall (formerly Enterprise Hall)
OCOU Out Of Country
OLIN Olin Building
OTHR Other Medical Sites
OTMS Other Medical Sites
OUTC Out Of Greater Cleveland Area
OUTS Out Of State
OUTU Out Of Country
PATH Institute of Pathology - Amphitheatre
PBLB Peter B. Lewis Building
RBAM Rainbow Babies & Child. - AMB
ROCK Rockefeller Physics Building
SEAR Sears Building
SMTH A.W. Smith Chemical Eng. Building
SQVF Bio Field Station - Squire Valleevue Farm
STLU Saint Lukes Hospital
STRO Strosacker Auditorium
SVAM St. Vincent Charity - Ambul. Med.
TBA To Be Announced
TBS To Be Scheduled
THWG Thwing Center
TRPT Turning Point Park
UCRC University West
UH University Hospital
USHC University Suburban Health Center
VANH Van Horn Field
VEAL Veale Center
WERN Wearn Laboratory
WHTE White Building
WICK Wickenden Bldg
WOLS Wolstein Hall
WRB Wolstein Research Building
YOST Yost Hall