Advisor Center/Departmental Admin Center Changes

Some new features have recently been added to the Advisor Center and the Departmental Admin Center in SIS. You now have the ability to view all advisees' grades (midterm, if applicable, and final) on one page. The steps below are the same whether you are using the Advisor Center or the Departmental Admin Center (DAC). If you are a faculty advisor, from your Faculty Center home page in SIS, click the tab labeled "Advisor Center." If you are a DAC user, from your SIS home page, click "Main Menu," then click "Campus Community," then select Departmental Admin Center.

You will find a new box labeled "View Grades" with a drop-down menu, where you can choose "Fall 2012," if you wish to look at current grades, or any other semester since SIS went into production. This will give you a single-screen view (see sample below) of that semester's grades for all of your advisees who were registered in that semester.

Clicking on "Return to Students List" at the bottom of the page or "Link to Photos" at the top of the page will take you back to the previous screen.

If you wish to revisit the grades for the current semester, change View Grades to another semester or blank, get to a "grades" screen, and then choose Fall 2012 again. Should you wish to review more information from an individual student’s record, such as his or her grade history, you can click on that student's name from either the list or grades view.

An additional modification on the screen listing your advisees is a second tab labeled "Additional Info." This tab shows the cumulative GPA for each of your advisees, as well as the last semester in which he or she was registered.

Clicking a column heading, such as Career Cum GPA, will sort the data based on that column. Clicking once will sort in ascending order. Clicking that column headings again will sort in descending order.

If you wish to download all the data into a spreadsheet format, you may first wish to view all columns by clicking the "Show All Columns" icon, then click the Download icon to download the information.


Depending on your browser, you may need to hold down the Ctrl key when you click the download icon in order to download the file. Click the "Show All Columns" icon again to return to the normal view.