Issue Task Forces

The Steering Committee will, through its Chair, appoint Issue Task Forces as needed to address specific topics that are crucial to developing a University plan, but that transcend any one academic or administrative unit. Typically a Task Force will consist of members of the Steering Committee, one of whom will serve as its Chair or Convenor, plus three or more others whom they will recruit either internally or externally as appropriate to consider the assigned topic.

Issue Task Forces are encouraged to communicate with on-campus and off-campus sources as they see fit in the course of gathering information and advice. They will submit recommendations concerning their assigned topics to the Steering Committee for discussion, and may be asked to provide progress reports before their final reports are submitted. Issue Task Force Chairs will inform the Provost’s Office of the formal membership of their groups.

The preliminary list of Issue Task Forces follows, along with the contact names for each. We invite members of the University community to offer comments and suggestions to the Task Forces through the persons serving as contacts. The names of Steering Committee members serving as Task Force contacts are asterisked.